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Gin Fizz

Happy Wednesday! We’re diving into a very classic cocktail this week, the most popular from the “Fizz” family, the traditional Gin Fizz. With so many variations, the original recipe has changed in the last 100 years, and today it is completely customizable. We did some digging and found the best versions, who might have invented it, and how even gin haters will be able to enjoy this spirit forward cocktail. Cheers!

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Songbird Cafe

Overall Score: 4.6/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.8/5

Chinatown is changing the landscape for the food scene in DTLA, but it’s time to introduce the neighborhood to the blooming drink scene there as well. At the forefront of the latest bar buzz is Songbird Cafe, a speakeasy that recently opened up with a killer team behind the bar program. It’s no surprise their Social Hour menu is here to revolutionize, and in this case, it’s classic cocktails. Read all about why this is the best place to discover/rediscover the simple beauty behind the classics, which one impressed us the most, and more. Cheers!

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Aperol Spritz

Welcome! After a very much needed Spring Break vacation, we are baaaaack, and feeling more refreshed than ever! What a better way to start fresh than with an incredibly refreshing drink that’s EVERYWHERE right now- Aperol Spritz. We explored why and how this Italian liqueur skyrocketed to fame, how it made its way into the "Spritz" category, and why it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Learn how to properly make one and much more inside, cheers!

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What is Cachaça?

South America is known for having some of the strongest national spirits in the world- from Pisco to Aguardiente, Latinos clearly don’t play around when it comes to their pride nor their liquor. However, the biggest country in South America isn’t Latino at all, it’s Portuguese and we think you know where this is going… Straight to Brazil. Today, we’re digging into one of the most under looked spirits in the U.S. Cachaça. Cheers to learning!

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Pedro Barriga

Every month, we gather intel on the best Happy Hours in LA, but where would we be if not for the dedication of bartenders? February’s honor belongs to Pedro Barriga, we met him at an Industry Night event at the local DTLA bar, Mezcalero. He created an imaginative cocktail, provided incredible customer service, and when we saw the content he was making from home we knew we were in the presence of a pro. Get to know Pedro one on one like we did and learn all about his experience opening some of the most successful bars in DTLA and the crazy creative events he has in mind for 2019.

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Overall Score: 4.7/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.9/5

South Park residents have been keeping their Happy Hour hidden gem to themselves for too long. Juggling between being a coffee shop, cocktail bar, and restaurant every day is something Barcito does exceptionally well. As a true Argentinean bistro would, they offer one of the most well rounded Happy Hour menus we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Find out why Barcito stands out from the crowd, just how authentic it is, and what made Mariana feel right at home before she even sat down. Cheers!

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When a drink makes a mark as a national beverage, it deserves a spotlight, and for a country the size of Brazil that’s quite an accomplishment. The Caipirinha is a simple, yet historic cocktail that came to the Americas and left a lasting impression in the heart of millions of Brazilian people. If you have never had it, this is your chance to learn how to make it, how to say it, and what the heck it means. Cheers!

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What is Grappa?

We’re starting this week off back in the heart of Italy to explore the digestif known as Grappa. History hasn’t been so kind to the “poor man’s wine” and we found out exactly why, who made it a luxury item, and why it will soon be as important as wine. Cheers to learning!

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Blood and Sand

Don’t let the name scare you, this week’s Drink of the Week does not taste like blood and it doesn’t feel like sand going down your throat. This long-forgotten Scotch cocktail has been in the history books for nearly a century, so why have you never heard of it? We dug into that, plus found out where the name came from, and a little tip to make the recipe well worth your while. Cheers!

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What is Mama Juana?

Grab your swimsuit and your suitcase, today we’re heading to the Dominican Republic! We’re learning all about their national spirit Mama Juana. Never heard of it before? You’ve probably never visited DR, but worry not because we’re here to pump you up with knowledge for when you do go. This is a crazy one guys, so let’s get right to it. Cheers to learning!

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Rose Water Gin & Tonic

Flowers and cocktails are no strangers to each other, gardens and refreshments go together hand in hand. Flowers, the edible ones, also make quite the beautiful garnishes, so why wouldn’t we use them in recipes? Rose Water is nothing new in skin care, and it hasn’t been a booming trend (we see you lavender) but it is around. For Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here’s a cute little pink cocktail for all you lovers out there. Cheers!

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What is Jenever?

Welcome to another Monday lesson! This week, we’re going Dutch and no we don’t mean on a date. Jenver is the official liquor of The Netherlands and Belgium, so why haven’t you heard of it? Well, it’s got a rival cousin that kind of stole the spotlight, the story is fascinating, cheers to learning!

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