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Mulled Wine

It’s that wonderful time of the year where holiday beverages are making splashes and a big way! Restaurants and bars are adapting to the December seasonal changes and are showcasing some classics! Today, we’re teaching you how to make Mulled Wine, all about where the wild idea of hot wine came from, and more. Cheers!

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve y’all! While you’re at home with your family why not try out a new cocktail that’s super easy to make? Learn all about the Greyhound cocktail. Seemingly plain, this grapefruit-y concoction goes down smooth and will leave you wanting more. Plus, we include its history.

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Sex On The Beach

Though its name may be a little off-putting, this Drink of the Week actually has nothing to do with getting busy on a beach and everything to do with an incredible burst of natural flavors. We uncovered the great mystery behind the fanciful name, provide you with the original recipe on how to make it, and much more. If you’ve always been curious read on because we’re here to explain, cheers!

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Cuba Libre

Don’t confuse this week’s Drink Of The Week for a rum and coke… The Cuba Libre is so much more than that! A simple recipe with simple ingredients mixed in with a great amount of historical importance! Learn how to make it, what war shaped it and how it was made prior to the boom of Coca-Cola. Cheers!

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Tequila Sunrise

If you want to move like Mick Jagger, you might want to start by drinking like him and ordering the one and only Tequila Sunrise. This tropical rock ‘n roll drink will have you wishing you were laying by the beach sunbathing naked on a tropical island somewhere or it will just help you forget all your troubles and have you singing The Eagles for a night.

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Sea Breeze

We’re wearing pink on this Wednesday and introducing you guys to the fancier Cranberry Vodka you’re used to. The Seabreeze is a classic vodka tropical cocktail that has simple ingredients and when done right can transport you right back to summer. Read on to learn how to make it, where it originated, and why it’s one of the most important cocktails any bartender should know. Cheers!

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Toasted Almond

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time to put your cocktail mixing skills to the test! Given that we’ve learned all about Amaretto this week, it’s only fitting we give you a killer cocktail to go with it- the Toasted Almond. Learn all about how this stacks up to the similar milkshake cocktails around, why you can’t switch out the Amaretto, and as always, a recipe! Cheers!

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