National White Wine Day

August 3rd. National White Wine day. A holiday strictly celebrating white wine. Usually served chilled, white wine is available in many tasty varietals and this holiday lets us celebrate all of them.

Get out of your comfort zone! If you’re always a Sauv Blanc grab a Viogner! Find a few samples of different Chardonnays to know if you’re a buttery or an oak-y type. 

If all that’s gibberish because you don’t know much about wine that’s ok too!Check out our wine month articles from June to see more coverage on white wine itself. We’re talking holiday right now!

A brief History:

Sauv Blanc7-min.jpg

White wine day drink day was born in 2014 by Jace Shoemaker-Galloway. No that’s not a winery or a distributor. She’s an author...

....and if any of this sounds super familiar it’s because she’s an author of numerous numerous holidays!

We mentioned her before with National Tropical Cocktails Day...Incase it doesn’t sound familiar. 

She’s an author. She loves holidays, so she made up A LOT of them and registered them with a lot of National and international holiday committees. So now we have white wine day. Dope. 

Sauv Blanc3-min.jpg

Random Fact

Jace Shoemaker-Galloway has invented so many holidays her nickname is “queen holiday.” What a time to be alive!

We tried finding a picture of her on the Internet, very little exists. So is she a legend? We'll let you decide.

Let us know in the comments which varietal or varietals (treat yourself!) We wish you a merry white wine day, and hope it’s not to rough the next morning! Thanks for reading and as always...

Cheers from,
Happy Hour City