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Celebrate National Kahlua Day

Happy Kahlúa Day! Today, we celebrate the famous coffee liqueur that's seen in many cocktails such as White and Black Russians. In this article, we teach you how to make one of the preferred Kahlúa cocktails, give a little history lesson as to how it gained it's popularity, and which famous Hollywood character drank White Russians non-stop in an all time classic.  

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Celebrate National Irish Coffee Day

Top off your morning coffee with a little Irish whiskey and celebrate with us! Learn all about how the most famous coffee cocktail in the world made it's way to the shores of America and the bartender/journalist duo who gave it worldwide fame. We guarantee you'll always wake up on the right side of the bed with this one!

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Celebrate National Bootlegger's Day

Today is a double holiday! We drank Templeton Rye while learning about it's Prohibition Era history, how they thought of the national holiday for Bootlegger's, and surprise! Today is also a famous bootleggin' mob boss's birthday! We also teach you how to make a proper Prohibition Era Cocktail. 

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