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Christina Ray

Every month, we gather intel on the best Happy Hours in LA, but where would we be if not for the dedication of bartenders? March's honor belongs to Christina Ray, a genuine bartender who will have you rockin' out to metal music after one of her highball drinks. Get to know Christina one on one like we did and learn all about how she found her niche at The Slipper Clutch in DTLA, what drink she has mastered over the years, and where she hangs out before a shift. 

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Celebrate World Whisk(e)y Day

March 27th is only ten days after St. Patrick's but this time, we only need whiskey, or is it whisky? Find out which British writer inspired this holiday, and how his influence on the spirit world has affected everything from whisk(e)y to beer. Plus we teach you how to make a Fitzgerald with a twist. Cheers to learning!

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