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What is Fernet?

Your favorite liquor cabinet stocks up on this infamous European liqueur but have you ever even tried it? It’s hard to spot but it’s used in a ton of cocktails but because its flavor is so palate smacking and robust, it’s usually used sparsely to highlight other flavors in the cocktail. Today we’re uncovering the mysterious Fernet. Cheers to learning!

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Toasted Almond

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time to put your cocktail mixing skills to the test! Given that we’ve learned all about Amaretto this week, it’s only fitting we give you a killer cocktail to go with it- the Toasted Almond. Learn all about how this stacks up to the similar milkshake cocktails around, why you can’t switch out the Amaretto, and as always, a recipe! Cheers!

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Celebrate National Kahlua Day

Happy Kahlúa Day! Today, we celebrate the famous coffee liqueur that's seen in many cocktails such as White and Black Russians. In this article, we teach you how to make one of the preferred Kahlúa cocktails, give a little history lesson as to how it gained it's popularity, and which famous Hollywood character drank White Russians non-stop in an all time classic.  

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