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Aperol Spritz

Welcome! After a very much needed Spring Break vacation, we are baaaaack, and feeling more refreshed than ever! What a better way to start fresh than with an incredibly refreshing drink that’s EVERYWHERE right now- Aperol Spritz. We explored why and how this Italian liqueur skyrocketed to fame, how it made its way into the "Spritz" category, and why it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Learn how to properly make one and much more inside, cheers!

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White Wine Spritzer

Our first Drink of the Week for 2019 is in honor of those of you who are giving it your all to stick to your NYE resolution of feeling good and looking even better. A White Wine Spritzer is the perfect drink to keep the calories, sugars, and alcohol content at bay. Plus, it’s super easy to make. Cheers!

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What is Fernet?

Your favorite liquor cabinet stocks up on this infamous European liqueur but have you ever even tried it? It’s hard to spot but it’s used in a ton of cocktails but because its flavor is so palate smacking and robust, it’s usually used sparsely to highlight other flavors in the cocktail. Today we’re uncovering the mysterious Fernet. Cheers to learning!

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International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Today is International Sauvignon Blanc day! What a better way to ring in spring than with a nice bottle of some refreshing white wine? Pop that cork open and read all about how this “wild grape” made it’s way to New Zealand, ways to celebrate this epic day, and what exactly does “Sauvignon Blanc” means. Cheers!

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National Beer Day

Today we honor all things beer, an alcoholic beverage that has been around longer than any of us thought possible (ancient Egypt). Even if you celebrate beer everyday, specifically today, we should all come together, raise our glasses, and toast in honor of the freedom to be able to drink beer. Read all about how the beer industry is a major player in today’s economy, why today is an important day in American history, and how to celebrate! Cheers!

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Celebrate World Whisk(e)y Day

March 27th is only ten days after St. Patrick's but this time, we only need whiskey, or is it whisky? Find out which British writer inspired this holiday, and how his influence on the spirit world has affected everything from whisk(e)y to beer. Plus we teach you how to make a Fitzgerald with a twist. Cheers to learning!

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