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Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to go on a Safari happy hour? Buckle in because for this week’s Drink of the Week we’re taking you to Kenya where after admiring gorgeous animals in the heat for a while you wind down with The Dawa. A cocktail that is both for fun and fun for your health. Intrigued yet? Keep reading to find out about this magic potion and what country inspired it. Cheers!

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The Queensberry

Social Hour: 4.8/5

Overall: 4.9/5

There’s so much new in DTLA it’s hard to think of bars or themes that are missing, there’s a little bit of everything except… A cool underground lounge with a Social Hour menu that’ll make you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club somewhere in London. The Queensberry has been taking the DTLA scene by storm and we think it has something to do with whiskey and a dance floor. We got to experience the allure first hand and let us tell you, you want to be in this club. Cheers!

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It’s time for another mid-week treat here at Happy Hour City! Today, we’re toasting with an Irish classic that constantly gets overlooked because of it’s relativity to the O.G. of classic cocktails- the Manhattan. Today, we’re exploring the Irish cousin of the family, the Emerald! So grab your glass and raise a toast to the Isles with this easy but spirit forward kick-in-the-ass cocktail your Wednesday needs. Cheers!

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Happy Hour Score: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5

We were called west to Santa Monica in honor of Massilia’s Happy Hour! A French, Italian, Morocco restaurant with a hint of California is now our favorite place to go for those summer vibes all LA looks for. Massilia has a very special, well-rounded Happy Hour menu that truly offers something for everyone. But it’s their elevated ambiance that will keep you there long after Happy Hour ends. Check out more of our review, cheers!

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Overall: 4.9

Happy Hour: 4.7

For this very special review we chose a neighborhood favorite located right on 5th and Broadway. Mezcalero has been a favorite of ours since day one, their cocktails never cease to amaze us and their new food menu for Happy Hour will leave you and your wallet satisfied. Trust us guys, this one is worth the visit. Cheers!

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Bonaventure Brewing Co.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Happy Hour Score: 4/5

On this Beers edition of our reviews we visited a microbrewery that is located on the rooftop deck of the Westin Bonaventure hotel. Yup! Among the skyscrapers of the financial district, Bonaventure Brewing Co. is brewin’ up a killer Happy Hour! Check out how our visit went down, what we had to order that wasn’t on the HH menu, and a tour of the brewery. Cheers!

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Everson Royce Bar

Overall score: 4.7/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.3/5

ERB is a beloved Arts District watering hole that has captured the hearts of locals and big time food reviewers like Jonathan Gold. Read all about what we thought of it, Mariana's first time trying Falafel, and how 2 of us handled 4 shots of whiskey and tequila. Cheers! 

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Nathan McCullough

Every month, we gather intel on the best Happy Hours in LA, but what would Happy Hour be if not for the dedication of bartenders? February's honor belongs to Nathan McCullough, an imaginative bartender who was truly mastered his craft. Get to know Nathan one on one like we did and learn all about how he earned the nickname, "Mad Scientist", where he goes for cocktail inspiration, and how he made the HHC team quick regulars with his magic agave making skills. 

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La Cita

Overall Score: 4.2/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.4/5

We visited the local/historic La Cita for their authentic Happy Hour. Read all about why this place makes us feel like we are home, how Xena found her favorite Michelada, and what beer totally took Alex by surprise. Plus the secret menu that offers Bandera shot and why you shouldn't have more than 2. 

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Overall Score: 4.4/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.2/5

For our first restaurant with a bar review, the Happy Hour City girls stopped by District. A local DTLA New American lounge and restaurant that is actually part of the Sheraton Grand but located inside the new Bloc on 7th street. What does the main restaurant on the Bloc have to offer for Happy Hour? Cocktails, draft beer, wine, and delicious food by Chef Hansen Lee. Read all about our visit where we got to talk to bar manager Tony about the drink that put them on the map. Cheers!

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