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International Sauvignon Blanc Day

Today is International Sauvignon Blanc day! What a better way to ring in spring than with a nice bottle of some refreshing white wine? Pop that cork open and read all about how this “wild grape” made it’s way to New Zealand, ways to celebrate this epic day, and what exactly does “Sauvignon Blanc” means. Cheers!

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National Beer Day

Today we honor all things beer, an alcoholic beverage that has been around longer than any of us thought possible (ancient Egypt). Even if you celebrate beer everyday, specifically today, we should all come together, raise our glasses, and toast in honor of the freedom to be able to drink beer. Read all about how the beer industry is a major player in today’s economy, why today is an important day in American history, and how to celebrate! Cheers!

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Celebrate World Whisk(e)y Day

March 27th is only ten days after St. Patrick's but this time, we only need whiskey, or is it whisky? Find out which British writer inspired this holiday, and how his influence on the spirit world has affected everything from whisk(e)y to beer. Plus we teach you how to make a Fitzgerald with a twist. Cheers to learning!

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Celebrate National Margarita Day

What better way to spend Thursday than with some margaritas?! With as many variations as this cocktail has, it's no surprise there is a flavor out there for everyone. Read all about how to make one just right, learn a little history about where it came from, and find out what the name actually translates to in Spanish. Come get the party started and celebrate with us. 

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Celebrate National Hot Buttered Rum Day

If you're feeling any of the winter season where you are, warm up next to a fire and enjoy this delicious seasonal cocktail. Want to know how to make it? We can teach you to make 4! Hot Buttered Rum has been around for a while and there's a reason early American colonists were such big fans. Celebrate with us!

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