National Rum Day



Today is Rum Day! The thirds most consumed spirit in the US behind Vodka and Whiskey, Rum is one of the oldest spirits on the block and this day celebrates it in full force

We covered Rum in great detail way back when in our What Is Rum article. So just to fly over the basics, Rum originated in the Caribbean islands.

Rum Day, the holiday, originated at a place and time that we just don’t know, and neither does the Internet. Seriously.

We know it’s celebrated today August 16th. Other than that we can only provide you with Rum Facts.

A Brief History:


The first known, distillation of rum took place during the 17th century on various sugarcane plantations located in the Caribbean. 

There were other sugar byproduct based spirits for hundreds if not thousands of years leading up to this but they don’t have a day. Rum does. Rum makes a lasting impression.

It is believed that the slaves on the plantations were the first ones to discover that the byproduct of the sugar refining process could be fermented and processed in a spirit. 

According to many of the oral traditions of the Caribbean, it is stated that the first rums were created in Barbados. 

As the British Royal Navy traded with the Islands Rum became a mainstay of overseas travel, since it did not spoil as quick as water, and the growing hostilities with the French ruled brandy casks out. 

Rum and lime juice was a mainstay among British sailors to ward off scurvy. Pirates learned what’s up and it’s why we have a certain franchise of Pirate movies perpetuating a Rum Drunk captain.

Random Fact:

The Sugar Act of 1764, which was a tax on sugar, molasses and rum by the British on the American colonies, helped start the unrest that finally became the American Revolution.

If you’ve never had a classic Daquiri start there (and no we don’t mean the blended kind poolside) Find a bar with a bartender who knows his classics and go for the original daquiri. Rum, lime juice, sugar. If they say they can’t do one find another bar.

Rum will usually make you think spring break beach vibes... but there’s so much Hemmingway to it as well. We hope you see both sides. 

Let us know in the comments if you’re bull fighting, beach side hammock-ing, or just have a favorite Rum you likes Also speak up if the bull fighting Hemmingway reference was too much for you. We’ll dial it back. Going to go find a coconut, Happy Rum Day.

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