The Burrow


Happy Hour: $

The Burrow - Gastropub

Every day 4:00 - 7:00 P.M.

821 S Flower St - LA Live/South Park

San Francisco and Los Angeles are two cities that, though vastly different, are also somewhat alike. For example, their downtown’s are both changing everyday and their culture is strong within their communities.

When the two collide, it’s rare, but magical a lot of San Fran staples have opened second and third locations in DTLA. However, on 8th and flower, next to the O Hotel, the Burrow is a DTLA original with San Fran flavor thanks to the owners who migrated to our little neighborhood and opened what may be our new favorite underground joint.


The Burrow’s name is not a false advertisement, you have to head down some stairs into a basement, decorated with brick and suddenly you’re transported- is it San Fran? Is it East Coast? It may be different for everyone but one thing is for sure- the Burrow is cozy, it’s homey, it is where you want to spend cold winter nights (rare but we do get them) and a good place to escape the madness of DTLA.


The decoration and seating was so well thought out- good luck finding a favorite place to sit. Each corner, table and seat offers a perfect environment for any number of people. Private date night? They got it. Friend reunion or celebration? They got that. Solo drink at the bar? Plenty of room.


The music is not loud, there’s a TV in the corner for movie nights, and barely any service so yes you will be forced to interact with people (just kidding, kind of, there’s wifi). You will be properly greeted by any of their friendly staff and we can attest to the service- it is some of the kindest we have received.


It almost feels like the den everyone wants in their house, the books, the lighting, the comfy loveseats and couches is seriously deco goals.

We were drawn to The Burrow the old fashioned way, by word of mouth. That’s when you know a bar is doing well, when so many locals flock to it and recommend it to other locals. The crowd during our visit could not have been more proof of this.

Locals, guests from the hotel, tourists catching a game at the Staples Center, and they were all laughing, enjoying their conversations, and having a genuine great time.

Once you’re done admiring the space, go ahead and dive into that menu.

The Menu:

Happy Hour at The Burrow is offered daily from 4:00 - 7:00 P.M. It is perfect in the sense that a Happy Hour menu should be a fair preview of the amazingness of the full menu and The Burrow did not come up short.

Their main thing is definitely cheese, they make their own styles of Brie the likes we’ve never seen before. You can choose either sweet or savory perfectly melted Brie to start off on a high note.

There’s three cocktails available that will rotate with the seasons and as the bar develops, beer and wine options for those who prefer it, and plenty of food.

Their menu is simple sandwiches and no fuss appetizers, but they’re freaking experts at their craft. As mentioned, their Happy Hour is a perfect sample of their main menu and at a very very fair price for the quality of the sandwiches and the service they’re providing. Okay now on to the food!

PS: We brought our friend Lisa along for this ride, thanks for coming Lisa!

The HHC Team Sipped On:

The Collins:

M: I dig that this is like one cocktail but with all the options to customize it’s really like 6 cocktails. They trust you to make your own Collins, that’s like developing a bond. I chose whiskey, of course.

L: I love how they give the customer complete control here. The choice is ours! I like gin so I’d take it as is!



M: Okay so I shy away from Gin but I’d never turn down a good Kombucha! The tastes work so well together, and how ridiculously healthy! I love it!

L: I’ve never had Kombucha before but I’d say this is one of the most natural tasting, delicious cocktails I’ve had. It’s a strange sensation with how strong the scent of Kombucha is but it’s a happy surprise to see all the flavors combine into one awesome drink.


El Manhattano:

M: I strongly doubted this drink just based on the ingredients. Tequila and sweet vermouth just seem like an unlikely pair. I am not proud to say I was taken for a fool- this is probably the one and only Manhattan I’ll ever swoon over. Absolutely magical.

L: A strong, daring combination of flavors that somehow all work together wonderfully. Not my favorite of the night but very good.


Farmhouse Red Blend:

M: I hope they change it up from time to time because the rest of their wine list does look good. This is just my opinion but the California blend from Farmhouse just ain’t all that.

L: Not the best wine on the list, as the house wine it makes sense. Liked it better than the white!

The HHC Team Shared:


Red Pepper Hummus

M: Vegan friends rejoice- if you’re not into the sannys nor the cheese, this is for you. The presentation is everything and it tastes amazing. This is my new favorite hummus for sure.

L: Really very good hummus. I couldn’t stop eating it!


Savory Baked Brie

M: So glad we went with savory seeing as how they make the brie with honey. It is a bigger plate than I imagined, perfect for sharing, and there’s plenty to dip!

L: Try this plate as soon as it comes out or you’ll miss all the delicious melt!


Hot Ham and Cheese

M: It’s like an upgraded cubano. The jam makes it sweet and that takes me back to simpler times when I made myself sandwiches with jelly. Simple but done very well.

L: The jam is definitely something new for me. I like it though!


Genoa Sandwich

M: Similar to the Hot Ham and Cheese but with salami, It’s good, I just like the ham and cheese better for some reason.

L: I have to agree this is definitely similar in flavors where savory mixes with sweet but I feel as if they nailed it on the ham and cheese. Still, it’s a good sandwich.


Mushroom Melt

M: Easily my favorite of the night. Vegetarian, aged cheddar, it’s like a cooler grilled cheese but with amazing toppings. I’ll get this with the hummus here from now on everytime.

L: A big surprise! I wasn’t sure how the flavors would blend but they nailed it.

The Overall Experience:

The efforts of the three owners, Curtis McDonald, Nathan Blanco and Taylor Brown show. Their pride, their morality, their dedication, and fine taste in the hospitality service shines in every corner of the Burrow. Their daily Happy Hour proves that they care for the community and want locals to get lost down there and having the times of their lives.

It’s a great place for out of towners or to kick it with your neighbors during movie nights over cocktails and Harry Potter. It’s the holidays and they’re already getting festive so it feels even more cozy and wonderful down there. Give it a shot and say Happy Hour City sent ya, you won’t regret it.

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.5/5

We’d like to thank Curtis and his staff for providing us with excellent service and conversation about his establishment. We are so glad they made their way to DTLA and if what we experienced is how they’re running their day to day, immediate success and local adoration is right around the corner.

Thanks for reading, and as always…

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City

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