Massilia -

French/Italian/Moroccan Restaurant

Happy Hour -

3:00 - 6:30 PM Every Day


1445 4th Street


The West Side of Los Angeles has always been the LA that tourists think make up most of our city, and why wouldn’t they?


The beach, the palm trees, and the overall easy lifestyle that inhabits Santa Monica and Venice Beach- is one that even locals often crave.

It’s where beach life meets Beverly Hills and classic Hollywood, plus you have major pedestrian activity thanks to the Santa Monica Pier and the third street promenade. Which have both long been hot spots for tourists, and with a recent makeover in the works, it’s sure to draw more locals.

Just off Ocean blvd, you have iconic views of the water, Santa Monica mountains, entertainment at the pier park and on the playgrounds near the beach.

You can rent a bike and ride down to Venice, it’s a great life for locals or people who work in the area, and those visiting. Especially when it comes to vast amount of food options around, some that have been there a while and some are making a name for themselves.

Those that are privy in all things SM know the quality of the Happy Hour over at Massilia- a no-frills French, Italian, AND Moroccan restaurant that has some of the most complete Happy Hour Specials we have ever seen before. They’re a sister restaurant of the famous Zinque wine bars that have a formidable reputation in Venice (and most recently DTLA!) But we are getting ahead of ourselves, let’s begin with the decor...


Essentially, the operations of the place were designed so you’d never have to leave.

And so was the Happy Hour menu, this is one of those great places where you start off with Happy Hour but you stay for dinner. 

We went on a Monday, it was pretty empty but we got there right when they opened so we got to see the kind of crowds that come in- a variation of suits, couples having an early dinner, and some locals at the bar- a great blend.

It’s definitely not the kind of place to bring your beach bros, it’s classy but chill enough to dress casual. The busiest day of the week is Friday, according to the staff but you shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to sit.

We sat outside because it’s summer in LA and it was a beautiful day for photos. Ok now let’s break down this extensive menu.

Casual yet elegant, Massilia’s entrance is a welcoming patio with beautiful emerald furniture designed to immediately make you feel at home.

You can opt to sit inside and experience an outdoorsy vibe thanks to the open-air dining room, which looks like a fashionistas dream loft.

There are some industrial touches around like the exposed brick, but still with the mature elegance of France thanks to the chandeliers and accents.

There’s nooks, booths, tables, stairs, ample seating at the bar (which was beautifully stocked with every liquor you want to see at a place like Massilia) there are high tops, a separate bar top not too far from the counter to enjoy a Happy Hour with coworkers, comfortable chairs just about everywhere, there’s coffee, food, and friendly staff.


The Menu-

This is their menu from our visit, if anything has been updated or changed please keep that in mind and check their website.

This is their menu from our visit, if anything has been updated or changed please keep that in mind and check their website.

Happy Hour at Massilia is an everyday celebration from 3 - 6:30 PM everywhere except the dining room. Overall, they have everything we look for in a well-rounded Happy Hour menu!

The food is listed first as it is the main part of the deal- they’re all $3 as long as you buy a drink.

There’s something for everyone here, vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores will find a snack.

Order enough of these and it is absolutely without a doubt more than enough food to leave you full.

The plates do come in small portions but considering the quality of the food and ambiance for $3, it’s a steal! 

The drink menu was also astoundingly complete. Massilia offers multiple spritz options (so you know Mariana lost her sh*t), three wine options from France, New Zealand, and Spain, red sangria, a lager from Spain, and 3 classic cocktails with their own twist. Each drink ranges from $7 - $11, which again, given the quality of the wines, spirits, and strength of each cocktail it is a great deal for Happy Hour.

One could easily spend the entire 3 ½ hours Happy Hour lasts at Massilia which is why we recommend going with groups, it’s a great time all around and there’s plenty for everyone. 

Check out their website for any updates: Happy Hour Menu

The HHC Team Sipped On-


Classic Negroni-

M: A staple classic cocktail on the menu for the bitter fans, this Negroni shocked me, it’s not usually what I go for but I quite enjoyed it. It’s not too heavy on the Campari and aesthetically it is gorgeous.

A: Very very well-done Negroni, it is perfectly balanced, not one flavor overpowers the other. The one large ice cube is a nice touch!


La Française-

M: The French love their vodka and unlike other cultures, they know how to blend it well, this is also true of this wonderful cocktail. The citrus married with the St. Germaine smoothly and didn’t allow the vodka to cut through with its strength.

A: It’s a little on the sweeter side for me but I agree. It’s well rounded and great for those looking for a less spirit-forward cocktail.


L’Amante Spicy Margarita-

M: Pretty spicy, a bit too much for me, but it’s a good marg. The touch of cilantro is so appreciated by my mouth and my nose. Gorgeous drink as well.

A: I like the spicy, I can’t do the cilantro.


Aperol Spritz-

M: I feel as if this last year i have become 75% Aperol. This spritz is done right, a little too much ice on my part but it was a hot day so it was needed. For $8?! Massilia will be seeing me again…

Campari Spritz-

A: I took on the Campari as it is my preferred spritz. I’m not 75% Campari but I love it. This is perfectly touched with the sweetness of the orange garnish. I really enjoyed it.


Red Sangria-

M: It is safe to say that this is the best red sangria i have had in hour journey. It has hints of all the berries but more importantly I detect some grape, and I love it! Plus, no chunks of fruit to overpower the liquid and choke. 

20-min copy.jpg

Tempranillo- Proximo, Spain

A: I went for the red wine out of the three options and I don’t regret it. It is a light red perfect for Happy Hour. It’s fruity but balanced.


Estrella - Lager

M: I detect a hint of sweet molasses. For such a light beer it truly shocked me.

A: It’s a wonderful beer from Barcelona! It does have some viscosity but it is light and crisp. I’d pair with the Pan con Tomate.

The HHC Team Munched On-

Socca Chips w/ Peas Hummus/Grilled Calamari/Roasted Red Pepper Bruschetta-


A: Socca chips are crisped well, with a warm center. I also love the hummus but I think I like both items better separately. As for the calamari, I like that it’s grilled. It’s not a lot, it doesn’t come with sauce but I like the taste. The Bruschetta is my favorite of the three, it’s fresh and cooked so well.

M: i’m new to the chips, I dig them but I’m not crazy about the combo either. The hummus overpowers the chip a little. Always love grilled calamari, this one has a hint of garlic but it’s just enough, I am a big fan of the consistency it was my favorite over the three. And the Bruschetta was great I agree with Alex, it’s deliciously juicy and the bread didn’t tear my mouth apart.


Pan con Tomate & Serrano Ham-

18-min copy.jpg

A: Those that are fans of cured meats will love this, but it is not my cup of tea. If you have to pick from this or the bruschetta I’d choose the Bruschetta.

M: Yeah I am not a big fan either but you can tell the quality of the meat is good. However, the addition of the tomato just didn’t do it for me.


Flatbread Comte Cheese Pizza-


A: I am really into this, it’s really good! For a flatbread, it’s crispy which I love. The crust is holding up very well. It’s flavored well.

M: The comte cheese is the business. Really good, great size, and the crust was bomb.

Clams w/ Mereguez Sausage-


A: What an amazing surprise to have sausage with clams. They did very well! Plus, the cherry tomatoes were a delicious addition.

M: Very well done, the clams retain their flavor amongst the sausage and the combo of the tomato balances the fishiness well.


Fries & Harissa Mayo/Quiche Bites/Spanish Meatballs-


A: The fries are crispy, perfect, just how I like them. The sauce is also a very good!

M: These fries are a dream. You always go into French inspired restaurants expecting the fries to be perfect and they have absolutely nailed it. 

The Overall Experience-


Happy Hour Score: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Massilia may be a drive from DTLA but the metro drops you off right on 4th and we couldn’t recommend it enough. You can get so much for such a fair price but it is truly the ambiance that makes it all work together. The crowds, the staff, the music, and the fare all works together in perfect ambiance.

When looking at the description of Massilia online the three countries it takes from may seem overwhelming to you, especially when you realize it’s a mesh of France, Italy, Morocco, and Spain. A California touch as well, which is always very appreciated, makes it all the coolest place we’ve visited in Santa Monica so far.

We highly recommend them during this summer season, they do brunch, happy hour, lunch and dinner. They’re open early and stay open late, it’s good for groups and dates, so come one come all!

We’d like to thank Stephanie and the staff at Massilia for hosting us and making us feel at home so far away from our usual digs. We can’t wait to see more from the Zinque group as they grow!

Thanks for reading, and as always…

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City