Happy Hour at Kasih DTLA

Indonesian Restaurant

Monday - Saturday from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm you can enjoy their Happy Hour menu ANYWHERE in the restaurant (bar, dining room, and patio)

Monday - Thursday from 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm you can enjoy the Happy Hour menu at the patio or the bar.

200 S Los Angeles St.



Los Angeles as a whole is viewed as one of the largest melting pots of diversity when it comes to the number of cultures one can find here.

DTLA is swarming with culture and cuisine comes with it. While a lot of it is mixed into one place when it comes to drinks and food (looking at you Grand Central Market), there are places like Little Tokyo and Chinatown, where the best people provide a more immersive experience into their specific cultures. 

At the same time, there are other culturally Asian driven businesses opening up. Thankfully introducing Los Angeles to lesser known cuisines from other parts of Asia (We at HHC are all here for it). 

If you believe Asian food begins  with orange chicken and ends with Korean BBQ; 1. Do you even live in LA? And 2. Please expand your horizons. There is such a diversity between Asian food and we would love to introduce you to them.

In comes, Kasih, an Indonesian restaurant in the DTLA neighborhood that’s honing the skills of true Indonesian flavors. 

They’re perfectly nestled in between the Old Bank District and Little Tokyo. In turn, making their location perfect for foot traffic, young hip entrepreneurs, college students, tourists, and locals.


They’re right on the corner of S Los Angeles and 2nd, behind the St. Vibiana and before the Little Tokyo Center Village Plaza.

The approachable patio might draw you in during a hot summer day, but don’t skip out on visiting the inside.

Tall ceilings, beautiful lamps that change color schemes with the time of day, ample seatings for solo and group dinners, an open kitchen concept so you can see the crew and Executive Chef de Cuisine, Zachary Hamel, banging out deliciousness at a calm pace. Oh yea, and of course there’s plenty of seating at the bar!


We chose a communal table right in front of the bar; and were happily pleased to see if you wanted to enjoy a sports game, they have two TVs you can watch comfortably from where we were. 

Kasih has many vibes depending on the time of day that you visit. They do see a surge of suits and office workers during their lunch (thanks to their amazing lunch specials). There’s also the room and the ambiance for a fun group at the bar enjoying happy hour drinks and snacks, or you could enjoy a casual dinner in the main dining area near the windows. The staff is welcoming, friendly and very down to earth.


They know that not everyone in LA has experienced Indonesian food, let alone good Indonesian food before; and so they’re ready to explain everything on the menu for you. Everyone we met from the hostess to our server to the kitchen staff was very polite, fun, and accommodating.

Given that Mariana is new to the culture and cuisines of all South East Asia, their patience was much appreciated.

Given that Alex had recently just returned from a week in Bali when we visited, she can attest to the flavors and representation of the culture.

We must also compliment the bathrooms as they were in pristine condition and truly made an impression on us. Okay, now that you know that crucial piece of information, we gotta tell you guys about Kasih’s Happy Hour Menu.

The Menu

*Drink specials subject to change so please check their      website.

*Drink specials subject to change so please check their website.

The time dictating the specials* listed on the menu for Happy Hour can be a little confusing so don’t be shy and ask for help, but basically here is the breakdown:

From Monday - Saturday from 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm you can enjoy their Happy Hour menu ANYWHERE in the restaurant (bar, dining room, and patio)

Monday - Thursday from 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm you can enjoy the Happy Hour menu at the patio or the bar. Make sense? No? Ask them. The deals are worth the clarification, that we can assure you!

They offer all their cocktails on the menu, a solid selection of brews that includes some local favorites like Modern Times and Fremont, and last but certainly not least- the wine list offers something for everyone from reds to bubbly.

According to our server extraordinaire, Bryce, the Lady Bird is one of the most ordered drinks as well as the Gili, though he prefers the Tambling. For brews, Modern Times is king with the top two most enjoyed Happy Hour beers.

The Bar Food offered is all part of their excellent dinner menu and it is not a short list! You could very easily enjoy a few appetizers and a choice of entree at a discounted price. They also offer an oyster special that had Alex over the moon.

We value greatly when any restaurant or bar puts their best foot forward on Happy Hour, and at Kasih it might just keep you around for dinner. And now, on to what we ordered!

The HHC Team Sipped On

Pir Island -

A: As usual I went for the gin-based cocktail on the menu right away. It’s definitely a beautiful drink aesthetically and it tastes just as good as it looks. It’s light, refreshing, and it’s that drink I want to start my mornings with... all the time. A very well balanced cocktail in my book.

M: Let me just say to our readers who probably think I hate gin so much I can’t stand the sight of it- this is not true (also it is me projecting) I don’t want to dislike gin, I just enjoy it well blended and that’s hard to find. This drink did it right for me, not one flavor overpowers the other. They work well together and it compliments a drink I’d usually turn down.


Summer Semangka-

M: I really stepped out of my box with this one by ordering it first but given the Pir Island’s surprise, I figured why not. It has a cucumber infused vodka and watermelon mix of freshness. I regret nothing. This may be the best vodka drink I have had in the last year, the watermelon syrup mixed with the cucumber made it a great easy drink to drink.

A: Much like the Pir Island it’s as refreshing as agua fresca, I am a fan! Back to back hits so far.


Rumbu Biji-

A: Had to go for this one, Guava is absolutely my favorite fruit, but this cocktail… It’s a great representation of the culture I experienced in Bali, this drink does it justice. I can sip on this and imagine I am there.

M: It has a certain tone of color that just shows the earthy and herbal side to this cocktail. I liked it, it wasn’t sour with citrus but it wasn’t fruity sweet like the last two cocktails either. Has a bit more viscosity to it.



A: In terms of a bourbon cocktail, it is very well mixed with other ingredients in the drink, some are strong on their own! Like the black lemongrass tea syrup, it is bold and it is absolutely delicious. Even the sage and lemon are there, all flavors well represented- again! I’d pair it with something on the dinner menu for sure, maybe the Sambal Tasting for Happy Hour.

M: This is a very good bourbon cocktail, the tea kind of dilutes the burn you expect from the bourbon, which makes it dangerous. I feel like it’d be good hot too, like a very spiked tea time is in order. I wouldn’t pair it with anything, this is dessert.


Lady Bird-

M: I want to like this cocktail, I really do, this is actually my second time trying it this year. I love mezcal so obvious choice but I saved it for the end of this visit and I am just still on the fence about it. I don’t know if it is the mezcal or the blend of it with Indonesian flavors like the tamarind added to it, but it just wasn’t smokey enough for me. It is a beautiful drink, the color and the taste of the tamarind was on point, it was just the combination that didn’t work for me. It has a good beginning to it but I didn’t like the finish, I like very smokey mezcal so.

A: This is further proof that we’re perfect for this because our palettes are quite different, I love this cocktail I think it is great. Most mezcal drinks (and lovers, which I am not) play off the smokiness too much in my opinion. I dig that Kasih added their culture to it with the tamarind, it masks the mezcal well and that’s how I like it.


Kuno “Old Fashion”-

A: I’ve loved all the drinks here so far, and I like this one, I just like it the least… The ingredients got me excited but I truly can’t tell it apart from all the Old Fashioneds I have ever had. It has banana-infused bourbon but I can’t really detect it… It’s not a bad OF, it’s just… an OF.

M: This is going to be biased because man I hate near neat drinks like that, even watered down after the ice melts, but I always suck it up and try it because I care. However, in this case, I also detest banana flavored… stuff. Honestly like the Tambling, it’s dangerously easy to drink. For me to say that about an OF, means a lot. Don’t turn it down if you dislike banana flavors like me, but also eat before drinking this.

The HHC Team Munched On

The Sambal Tasting-

A: Wow this is new! The tradition continues and lets just say all sauces are delicious- you have a nice mix and range in spice. There’s something, and enough, for everyone.

M: I have to commend the presentation I mean, this dish is beautiful! They took the time to curate something so simple so beautifully. Given that this is my first Indonesian food experience, I sincerely appreciate it. As for the dips, I like that they went out of their way to make their own pico, it’s familiar, it’s fresh, and damn the chips are so good. Points for originality.


Bali Dog-


A: This is not your average dog, you can actually taste the sausage. This is veeeeeeery good, the added pickled vegetables provide a nice cut to the meat. The sweet potatoe bun isn’t too sweet, props.

M: This is going to sound wrong but… I love the size of this, it’s just enough dog. The sweet potato bun is a nice freaking touch. I don’t swoon over hotdogs often… It is not dripping in grease, the meat is cooked perfectly. This is an elevated hotdog experience if there’s ever been one.


Baby Guling-

A: These are a little too crispy, perhaps a bit too much for my taste. However, the flavoring, the addition of cherry tomatoes and all else is very good.

M: It’s a pretty big serving, a lot for me alone, but man this is more quality meat. Crispy for sure but I dig it. I like the fact they add cilantro to a lot of their dishes, just have to throw that in.


A: Fresh, delicious, big, and the sauces are fantastic. Hot tip: mix them!


Yellow Tail Hamachi-

A: My favorite dish of the night, this Hamachi is perfectly salted, has a nice range of spices on top. More importantly, it is cooked to perfection. And again with the awesome sauces! The pairing is unreal- a sweet sauce accompanied by pickled vegs and lime. I am impressed!

M: It literally breaks apart from barely touching it. The spices are not just blended well but layered well. You get the crispy crust, some cinnamon in between and them bam a deliciously soft fish that just melts when you eat it. Very very happy about this.


Jagung Barkar-

A: Indonesian elote?! Yes, please! It’s not overcooked at all, the crispy shallots give it a nice crunch, flavor, and texture. The butter is what gives it a spice, be warned- it is probably the spiciest thing on the menu. But I love that so It is delicious and I would go for this all the time.

M: I was literally told I’d stop enjoying my night if I had this, too spicy. Sorry world.


Chicken Wings-

A: Delicious! The mayo drizzle on top is nice and light. Perfect crisp, flavorful sweet tangy glaze, very tender on the inside.

M: Wow, the quality of the meat at Kasih even extends to these chicken wings. You can tell they care, the flavor and the consistency are there. I also like the sauce it’s not too spicy- sweet and tang-ahy.


The Overall Experience


All in all, Kasih gave us a one of a kind experience from all angles. From the culture to the cuisine, from beginning to end, from drinks to dishes, one thing is for sure this Happy Hour menu has the best consistent quality of food we have ever experienced. The cocktails were satisfying and overall, a good representation of what awaits you at dinner. Even if Happy Hour is plenty, you’ll leave wondering when you can come back again.

Overall Score- 4.9

Happy Hour Score- 4.9

We deem ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to dine and drink at places such as Kasih, but luck had nothing to do with it. We’re a pair of bad asses sure, but it takes a village

Thanks to our friend Camly for recommending us, to Camille for setting it up, to Bryce for being a very attentive waiter and laughing at our jokes, to Chef de Cuisine Zachary Hamel and Sous Chef Nick Tamura for talking to us about your journey and plans for Kasih, it was a pleasure.

Thanks for reading, and as always…

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City

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