Casey's Irish Pub

Happy Hour: $$

Casey's Bar & Grille- Irish Pub

613 S Grand Ave

Monday-Friday: 3:00 -7 00 P.M.

Saturday: 12:00 - 7:00 P.M.

All Day on Sundays.

Bars that have made the treacherous journey from the east coast to the west coast have had a hard time finding their crowd and niche in DTLA. That is mostly true, with some exceptions, but it is not true of the most authentic Irish Pub in DTLA- Casey’s. Not just authentic but also historic, classic, and with a great Happy Hour. 

Casey’s Irish Pub has belonged to the 213 Hospitality group since 2007, (folks that brought you Cole’s,) but it has been around DTLA longer than we have been alive. Originally, the space that Casey's currently occupies (which happens to be one of Central Downtown Los Angeles’ only single-story buildings) opened as a general store and Turkish bath house in 1916. 

It became Casey’s Irish Pub when the bar's doors first opened back in 1969. See? 1969? Casey’s already sounds like a nostalgic love song. That’s a metaphor for how you feel when you leave Casey’s, you’ll miss it. You’ll miss the good times, the singing, the live entertainment, the people, the knocking back of fine Irish beers and whiskey, the games, and most of all, you’ll miss their amazing Happy Hour.


 Casey’s shows that love to the neighborhood that has been it’s home for over 50 years, especially when they throw their annual St. Patrick’s Day Block Party (the biggest in SoCal!) Casey’s a special bar, so special in fact, they serve the most Jameson and Guinness in all of Southern California. When you first walk down the stairs into Casey’s patio, you’ll see the lots of lively folk playing a game or two of hoops, ping pong, darts, or simply enjoying the weather on one of the tall bar tables outside. The patio is all about the groups, but it gives you a sense of curiosity so you step in to see just how big Casey’s is.

All Irish Pubs should have three key elements: beer, whiskey, and a great bartender. Casey has that and also, plenty of screens watch any game on- but not too many as to allow you to interact with other human beings and make actual connections. The boards across the bar and behind it are a thing to be admired- Casey’s hires special typography artists to update their menus, we have seen them at work and these people are truly artists. That is exactly the kind of thing that proves that Casey is all about design that executed with the right authenticity  It’s an Irish Pub, it’s supposed to make you feel like you’re drunk uncle hugging you tight with love. 

IT’S HUGE. Upon entering there is a second room to your right and an unused bar to your left. On the right, you’re offered games such as foosball, skeeball, pinball, and more. There’s also seating and eating room here, and of course, Happy Hour is offered everywhere. Back to the main area with the ghost bar (used for special events and St. Patrick’s Day), you’ll find the main bars. Yes, that’s an “s” as in plural, as in multiple, as in plenty of room to enjoy the bar and their $6 Pickleback Jameson shots during Happy Hour.  We know this sounds repetitive, it’s not our fault this place is so big, so if you keep going… 


You’ll find a massive table, great for groups on your right, entering the last room it’s the stage and live entertainment area, and yes, another bar. There are so many things happening every week here from concerts, to live drawings and other sorts of fun events! Check our weekend calendar events and Casey’s social media handles for more info.

 The Happy Hour at Casey’s is now daily. They used to be closed on Mondays, but they heard our pleas! Now it goes on Mondays-Fridays: 3:00- 7:00 P.M. Saturdays it begins at 12:00- 7:00 P.M. and Sundays it’s Happy Hour all freakin’ day. There’s nothing holier than being able to drink and eat for cheap on a Sunday. Casey’s menu is tricky to follow as prices but just go by the general instructions of $2 off any liquid (with $1 exceptions) and appetizers. You have plenty of space to enjoy Happy Hour with a group of people or by yourself, all we have to say is this is definitely a place for adults. Lots of business folk come here after work given it’s near the financial district and Bunker Hill of DTLA. Local beer geeks are also welcome, as are sports fans, and those who enjoy an overall amazing time with friends. Smokers are welcome on the patio (See? For adults.) And of course, you’ll run into the occasional European/English crowd looking for a little taste of back home. 


Casey’s staff is attentive and quick, our food and drinks took an appropriate amount of time and we enjoyed every bite. The cocktails pair well with most of the food items but it is the Guinness that will be your perfect combo with any food on the menu. You have plenty of space to enjoy Happy Hour with a group of people or by yourself, all we have to say is this is definitely a place for adults. That being said, let's move on to the Menu and what the HHC team ordered!

The Menu:


The cocktails are all Jameson based, so if you like whiskey you're in luck. That being said, if you don't they do have Well drinks available for the same discount- it is literally ALL liquids. You can't go wrong with any of these, but be warned the Irish Goodbye is a bit strong.

If you're not a fan of Peated Scotch we recommend anything else on the menu. We felt this was the only cocktail that had a "required taste."  The bartenders will make you any cocktail your little heart desires and they have great spirits available as well.

Their basic wells step down from $7 to $5 whereas their more premium selections step down from $9 to 7$. If you get confused or have any questions, don't be intimidated to ask, the bartenders are more than happy to help. They get we are drinking on a budget, it's Happy Hour!


Being an Irish pub means you have to have certain standards for your beer, and Casey's most certainly does. They even have their own very special beer by fellow 213 Hospitality mogul, Arts District Brewing Co. It's called the McCasey's Stout and it is a delicious pairing with an Irish Car Bomb, however, it is out of season and currently being replaced by the Kilkenny Irish Cream. It will be back, but until then have the Kilkenny, it's worthy of holding the spot of McCasey's for a reason...Not a big fan of beer? They also have the Magner's Cider which is a fan favorite of HHC. 

The food at Casey's is a gastropub, Irish pub, traditional but better-than-normal-pubs-deliciousness. You can go heavy with the Mac and Cheese, or keep it light and shareable with the wings or any order of the fries.

They serve a big portion of them, so it's a good snack to munch on while guzzling down the 20 oz. Guinness. For the ladies who can't drink beer after beer after beer (Mariana feels you on this one) they have a cordial 10 oz option for a cheaper price.

Mariana ordered Irish Mule

If you're like Mariana, and you like your limes and lemons freshly squeezed, and you add even more on top to make it extra citrusy and sour, this is the drink you'll want.

The rest of the cocktails do include freshly squeezed lemon and lime juice combos, but the bubbliness of the ginger beer highlights the sour. Even so, she added an extra squeeze and boom it was perfection.

A mule is a mule, it can be easily modified with your favorite liquor because it blends well, so this is a hard drink to mess up. Either way, Casey's nailed it and the freshness was very apparent. 


Mariana also ordered the Tralee Rose


This was the HHC team's favorite drink of the entire visit. The Tralee Rose is something special. It's a very aromatic cocktail, with the Almond Orange Blossom liqueur it's an explosion of flavor.

If we had to describe this drink in three words they'd be: Fruity, floral, and dangerous. Plus, a huge bonus for us was you can really taste the almond. It made Xena want to buy her own, rush home, and learn to make this drink.

Mariana compared it to an Orange sherbert ice cream, with a shot of whiskey, it's her kind of fruity drink where the liquor is not easily detected.


Alex ordered the Irish Hello

Of course, an Irish pub serves Irish coffee and other coffee cocktails that are meant to wake you up the right way. Casey's Irish Hello is exactly the kind of iced coffee drink that you're looking for.

If we could have this every morning we are sure Monday blues wouldn't exist. The added sprinkle of cinnamon at the top is such a nice touch- it's just a nice gesture, a little sprinkle of love from Casey's.

The drink blends well so don't worry about stabbing that fork in there and twirling it around. It's meant to be! Plus it's served tall, what more can you ask for?

It doesn't really pair well with much on the menu, given the heaviness of the cream, but we suggest saving it for a delicious dessert. Or if you're keeping it light and not going for any food. have one (or two) of these. 

Xena ordered the Elder Fashioned

This drink was a close second to being our overall favorite. Mostly due to the fact it was such a nice surprise. Xena went for it thinking it was something closer to an Old Fashioned. It was but it wasn't.

Not only is the play on words genius (and once again, proving Casey's authenticity to the times of Ye Old Pub) the Elder Fashioned contains a secret ingredient that puts it above most cocktails on the list. The St. Germain's Elder Flower liqueur.

It is a sweet liqueur but the flowery scent and taste notes of it are more in the spotlight in this Jameson based cocktail. An Old Fashioned is usually more on the bitter and citrusy side, the Elder Fashioned is a bit closer to the caramel notes of Bourbon, yet with no burn.

If you're like Mariana, and you're a bit slow on the come up with neat spirits, this is a great introduction to Old Fashioneds. You don't have to sip this slowly, you don't have to worry about your eyes watering every time you draw the glass closer to you. 

This one does not have the brown sugar, the Elder Flower is enough sweetness. A fantastic drink to enjoy outdoors during any weather. 


Xena also ordered the 20 oz. Guinness

If you have never had a Guinness, you're missing out on a great beer that comes at a great price, specifically at Casey's! They have a whole list of drinks that changes often, dedicated to concoctions you can make with this stout.

It is a malty beer, the tones are of coffee, caramel, and in the foam, you can even taste some cream. This is the drink that will pair well with all food items on the menu. Which, again, just shows Casey's expertise in making the Pub experience authentic. You have to have a great beer that pairs well with bar food and for $7 this 20 oz. Guinness will keep you happy and full!

The HHC Team shared:


Crispy Calamari

Don't let the semi fanciness of a Calamari dish scare you into wondering why it's on the menu. This Calamari was done right, it was nice and crunchy, not soggy, and the best part- not greasy! The sauce the Calamari came with was not the basic chunky tomato sauce we are used to seeing at Olive Gardens. I is most certainly homemade and you can taste that. It's a well-seasoned sauce herbal dip.


Boneless Buffalo Wings

By the time we got done taking our pictures, the food had been out of the kitchen for a while...BUT THEY WERE STILL GOOD! They had that little crisp wings are meant to have. They are as advertised, dipped in buffalo sauce so, spicy haters-  if you want to smooth out the spicy use ranch. But also, spicy lovers- they are well seasoned! Go for the boneless, they are less messy. These are white meat wings! The addition of a little green onion gives it a nice garnish and taste.



Wee Burgers

These are not for sharing- we repeat these are not for sharing. This is solely because each individual burger is different and should be appreciated as such. If you can handle not trying at least a bite of each, go ahead and share but you'll regret not trying them all! 

Starting from left to right we have the BSA mini burger, which stands for Bacon, Swiss, and Avocado. This was HHC's favorite Wee burger. It was cooked to perfection, and it included an aioli that had subtle hints of chipotle and onion.

Second to that and smack in the middle was the surprise of the trio- a mini Reuben sandwich. For something so small, Casey's managed to pack a lot of meat into it and thus a lot flavor. The bread is toasted just right, so it doesn't fall apart when you pick it up. It's not soggy either, it's just a great piece of toast adding to the greatness it holds in between.

And last, but not least, the Black and Blue burger. It is name so because it is a simple burger made with meat and bleu cheese.  According to Xena, this was too simple. If you get your burgers plain, this is the Wee burger for you. We omitted the word dry after plain in that example because the meat was not dry. Actually, this was Mariana's favorite part- the meat in both burgers and the mini Reuben were cooked medium to medium well. The two burgers come in warm and soft brioche buns and a side of Irish Pub Fries. Like we said, they are worth a taste- so order two if you don't want to seem greedy. 


Mac And Cheese

The Mac and Cheese at Casey's is a generous portion. Share this if you care! But you'll be fighting over the last bite, the cheese is all freshly melted under the cooked macaroni shaped pasta. Some more fresh green onion as a garnish/minor seasoning lets the flavors of the cheese really stand out for themselves. It is made with cheddar, jack, and asiago cheeses. A great blend, because Mac and Cheese is too simple to be boring. Casey's mixed it up and they mixed it up right. It's not on their HH menu but if you fancy another pub traditional dish they do have Sheperd's Pie!


Sweet Potato Fries

The sweet potato fries are the only things that are not made fresh in-house, according to bartender Fieron. Still, they are delicious! Not thinly cut, not too crispy, not soggy, they have a spine, fries that can stand for themselves are the right kind of fries. Opt for these if you're digging a healthy choice but don't overlook the Irish Pub fries, the only difference is the potato and the way they are cut. We recommend ordering both for the table and sharing these while knocking back Jameson.



The homemade pretzel is $4 for a reason, it is DAMN GOOD. Casey's knows this! They even have it on their menu: "It's just that good." It's soft and tears apart just right. A warm center is a must for any pretzel in Alex's book (she's a pretzel expert) and Casey's nailed it. It is also big enough to share. 

The Overall Experience:


The Happy Hour at Casey's is now open on Mondays and that gives the public 0 excuses for not visiting at least once. Come unwind, relax, take a shot, drink a cocktail, play a game, enjoy life. Descend into Casey's pub for a roaring good time and great Happy Hour food and drink deals. The freshness of their food will pleasantly surprise you.

The kitchen team works hard and you can tell they put soul into all of their dishes. The rest of the staff and the crowd that attends Casey's on the regular are all incredibly friendly people. If you came to drink alone, you'll leave with new friends.

If you came with a group, chances are you will morph with another into one giant party and leave the bar together. And doesn't that just sound like tradition? Imagine the bar from How I Met Your Mother, that's what Casey's is to us- your local home pub. We suggest at least trying one of the Jameson cocktails, you can really taste the creativity in each drink. 

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.3/5

We'd like to thank Kwame for being our Bartender of the Month, we hope you understand a little better now why we picked him. After the service we received from him and his staff at Casey's during our multiple visits, it was Happy Hour love at first sight. Fieron also took great care of us and helped us understand the menu a lot better so we could provide you guys with the best most current information. Stop by Casey's any day of the week for Happy Hour or come by for St. Patrick's Day, we will be there! Thanks for reading, and as always...

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City