National Prosecco Day

Hello again! You know we love our drink holidays here and it’s a sparkly one today. It’s National Prosecco Day!

This bubbly wine has a few fun details that separate it from the Champagnes and Cavas of the world. The history of this holiday is easily summed up so first we’ll tell a bit about Prosecco itself!


Prosecco sparkling wine specifically made in Italy. A more thorough explanation would be that Prosecco is all about a specific flavour created with an Italian white grape variety known as Glera.

These Glera grapes are from northeast Italy. For this reason Prosecco is completely different to Cava – made in Spain – Champagne and other sparkling wines.

Typically Prosecco has a flowery, fruity bouquet with a light flavour – with the added bonus of it being quite a bit cheaper than Champagne.

That’s because of the method used to make Prosecco. While Champagne is made with what is known as ‘the traditional method’ ( read about it in our June articles for chamagne) 

Prosecco makers instead use a much cheaper ‘Tanker’ method. Rather than ferment in the bottle it ferments in a giant tank. So Tanker is about as on the nose description as it gets!

A brief history: 

Like we said the history of this holiday is very cut and dry. Riondo Prosecco, one of the top producers of Prosecco, founded National Prosecco Day to celebrate the beverage in the summer.

They chose August 13th for unknown reasons. The Registrar at National Day Calendar approved the day in 2016. That’s it. “Company wanted to make a holiday and they did” sounded a bit too short but that’s about as far as we can stretch it. 

It’s an easy day to celebrate, just grab a glass and pour some Prosecco and pretend you’re on an Italian veranda overlooking the coast.

Also, check out your local watering holes to see if any are running any specials on the day. If they do not grab some friends and demand that they do. It’s Monday, they’re probably slow at the bar. 


Random Fact:

Prosecco makes “dry” confusing. In prosecco lingo, when you see “dry” or “extra dry” on the label, it actually means that it’s a little bit sweeter. When you find “brut” on the label, it means dry.

If you’ve never been to Italy, National Prosecco Day is a great way to share in feeling like paisan with your fellow bubbly drinkers. Even if you don’t like playing pretend it’s ok. You’re an adult, we get it, grab some Prosecco and try to lighten up a little. Sheesh!

Let us know in the comment section how you chose to celebrate and any great deals you found out there for Prosecco.

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