National Moonshine Day

Gather round folks, we’re talking National Moonshine Day. Yes it’s also called hooch, mountain dew, rotgut, and Tennessee whiskey (among other things.) This high-proof, corn-based drink burns and knocks you flat the first time you try it. 


You may vow to never even look at it again but you probably will! If you’ve had Apple Pie moonshine you know what we’re saying-my my that is good drinking.

A Brief History:


Many many many years ago a large number of people were all talking about moonshine on various social media platforms. Sometime around June 2-5 and they decided that National Moonshine Day should be a thing. Ok so maybe not many years ago but we couldn’t actually find a start date so there it is. It apparently got picked up by different websites that list the fun holidays that occur every day of the year and it spread from there. Some websites list the 2nd and others have the 5th as the official date. We’d say be safe and do both but there’s nothing safe about two moonshine holidays. (Plus as we told you the 2nd was National Bubbly day so the 5th it is.)

When you hear Moonshine your are probably thinking 1920’s Mobsters and Appalachian mountain people with goats and a still. You might be surprised to hear making moonshine actually started long before prohibition. It started when the government started taxing distilled spirits back in 1791. Farmer-distillers in Pennsylvania rebelled, causing the Whiskey Rebellion. After that, yes you’re correct, after hanging around another 125 years it was a part of Mobsters and Appalachian life and all the prohibition things you’ve heard.

With moonshine’s long history, it’s no surprise that the end of prohibition still wasn’t the end of moonshine. Distilleries simply went “legit.”

Today you can find moonshine at your local liquor store. Made legally and safely by licensed distillers so you don’t go blind. 

Also just like with the many years of homegrown moonshiners and their different recipes, modern liquor stores sell tons of flavors, the holiday being a perfect time to try them. With Moonshines nature as such a high proof spirit, it’s very easy to infuse (let flavors marinate) into the concoction. All types of fruits, herbs, and spices have been made into one moonshine or another. 

The fact that moonshine is so potent comes down to the fact that it neither cut nor aged. When it comes out of the still the final time it is crystal clear and anywhere between 150 and 170 proof. If you don’t speak “proof” think 70-90% alcohol give or take. “Ceeeeeleeeebrate good times, come on!”

If you’re worried the give or take on the proof we mean is actually your liver, you don’t have to drink it. Moonshine is also great to use in cooking as well because of the flavors and the ability to burn the alcohol out. Like the apple pie flavor mentioned earlier. Make that into a glaze for some pork chops and thank us later. 

Random Moonshine Fact:

You might have heard but NASCAR started with Moonshiners. They tricked out their cars to outrun police on shipment runs. Then they decided to race each other. Boom. NASCAR.

There’s no wrong way to celebrate this holiday. Wait, we take that back. There’s an illegal way. Don’t distill your own. Distilling itself is not illegal. Distill water or if you want to but if you distill alcohol you’re breaking the law. It’s what started the whole rebellion we mentioned. Since you can brew your own beer or ferment your own wine, seems a little unfair you can’t make your own straight hooch. 

If you want to go ahead anyway, well we suppose that was the bootlegger's spirit at heart. Just hopefully get a NASCAR ride as a getaway car and don’t tell anybody we told you to do it. We can keep a secret if you can. Tell us in the comments if you chose a certain flavor to celebrate today or if you actually got away from Johnny law on a midnight run. We’ve got our sippin’ jar just settin’ here to listen to your holiday tale. Thanks for reading and as always...

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City