National Mead Day



Ancient brewers of mead (like early Egyptian ancient) all the way through to modern times have shared a love of sharing Mead! Lucky us! Recipes,’s like an open source for the first booze ever made. So what better holiday to have than the first Saturday in August.

The fermentation of honey and water, mead has been historically shown as far back as 6500 B.C. Many cultures also refer to mead as ‘honey-wine.”

The flavor of mead varies depending on the ingredients added to the fermentation. Anything from seasonal fruits, herbs, and blossoms can be added.

Depending on what that independent “home brewer” (see how we tied it back?) chose to put in their condition? 

Some mead makers carbonate their beverage like beer, sparkling cider or wine.  For a more peppery flavor, some makers add hops to the recipe.

A brief History:

Mead Day as we know it was officially recognized as in 2002 by the American Homebrewers Association.

Homebrewers lead the charge on mead appreciation like they historically always have....and boy do we mean always. 

Mead Day itself has garnered a growing reputation, being a way to learn how to make, bottle and even start selling mead for yourself, the way it has always been.

Many home brew groups that have life on copyrighted social media platforms we can’t mention (or maybe we can but you know who) have groups dedicated to “Mead Life” with plenty of gatherings to pour, taste, and compare mead offerings. 


Random Fact:

Mead is why we have the term “honeymoon”. Since it was once considered an aphrodisiac( because what else would you call the first ever in history alcoholic drink?) it was the go- to for after wedding nuptials for generations. Also to make those generations. (Birds and bees!!)

Ancient brewers of mead didn’t keep things to themselves like later generations of spirit makers. (We’re looking at you whiskey monks!)Mead is the first booze and if you can get some today, down it!

Thanks for sticking with us, and having some fun with us while we talk about the first hooch ever recorded. 

If you have any home brew recipes you’d like to share, or know of any good celebrations to catch, sound off in the comments below. 

Thanks for reading and as always...

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