Celebrate National Margarita Day



It’s fiesta time! Happy Margarita Day!

Today we are celebrating the most common tequila cocktail in the United States.


The classic margarita is made with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice; creating a refreshing, crisp cocktail.

As for the tequila, a blanco or reposado works best. Using a blanco tequila will make for a stronger, true agave flavor. On the flip side, a reposado creates a smoother taste.

All around the Margarita is a very palatable cocktail that pairs well with food. There are quite a few variations of this drink.

The most well known would be the frozen blended Margarita and right behind it is the Cadillac Margarita which makes use of Grand Marnier.

Due to the light , clean nature of the flavor profiles of a Margarita, fruits make a wonderful addition. Some of the most popular fruit variations include strawberry, blackberry, mango, watermelon, raspberry, and pomegranate.

A Brief History:

The Spruce

The Spruce

As for the origin of the Margarita, legend says around 1938 a Tijuana area restaurant owner by the name of Carlos “Danny” Herrera invented the beloved Margarita for a customer.

The customer, an aspiring actress by the name of Marjorie King, was allergic to all hard alcohols except tequila. She supposedly was not a fan of drinking tequila straight.

To subdue the strength of the alcohol he created a cocktail with all the components of a traditional tequila shot (tequila, salt, and lime).

Whether this is fact or just the most well known story, we cannot be 100% sure. As with most popular things in the world, there are many people who claim to be the inventor.

Either way, the Margarita is going to be around for a very long time and is one of the Happy Hour City favorites.


Random Fact:

The world’s first frozen margarita machine was invented in 1971 by a Dallas restaurateur, Mariano Martinez.

One of the best things about this cocktail is that you can truly customize it to your liking. How do you like yours? Classic or spruced up? Salt or no salt? Let us know it in comment section below. Thanks for reading, and as always...

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