Celebrate World Hot Toddy Day


Oh hot damn, it’s Hot Toddy Day! If you have a cold or just want to warm up, this cocktail is for you. With a strong taste of alcohol, a Hot Toddy is made with hot water, whiskey, lemon juice, and honey; but can be completely customized. From using hot tea instead of plain hot water to adding cloves and other spices, the options are endless.


For those that like drinks on the sweeter side, add some more honey.

For our vegan friends, switch the honey for maple syrup or agave.

For those who aren’t a fan of whiskey, there are variations that use brandy or rum as the alcohol instead.

Though a Hot Toddy is so easily customized, it is quite strong due to the flavor-enhancing qualities from the heat of the hot water and the lack of flavorful ingredients that would cut the strong alcohol taste. It is definitely a cocktail for a seasoned whiskey drinker.

A Brief History:


The word toddy is reminiscent of a time when the British Empire colonized India. In true British form, the colonizers not only brought customs but also appropriated from the cultures around them. One item being a drink called a toddy made from the fermented sap of a palm tree. This is not the same drink we call a Hot Toddy today, but only where the name comes from.

The origins of the cocktail are found in Scotland where the drink was used to warm up during cold times and as a cure for a cold. Vitamin C in the lemon juice to help combat the cold, honey to soothe a sore throat, and alcohol to numb the aches and pains.

Whether it truly cures a common cold is not proven, but it sure does make having a cold a bit easier. Once the cocktail made its way to the American colonies, it found its first variations. Local brandy and rum from the Caribbean were largely the most popular liquors of the time making them easy substitutes for the whiskey.

As we make our way to modern times, the popular use of brandy and rum in a Hot Toddy has fallen off making way for whiskey to be the staple liquor to use. 

Random Fact:

Whiskey is a natural decongestant, which makes it easier for the mucus membranes in your body to deal with infections.

The Hot Toddy has made its mark as one of the most, if not the most, popular hot cocktails ever. So next time you find yourself a little under the weather, reach for this great sipping cocktail to warm you up!

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