Toasted Almond


We like to make sure we can teach you things you can immediately put to practice, so now that you know all about Disaronno we’ve put together this article to show you the Toasted Almond, a pretty popular cocktail, we’ll leave the Amaretto Sour for another day. 



The Toasted Almond is one of those cocktails that involves milk, more closely like a White Russian a Brandy Alexander, the Toasted Almond is like the second cousin of the Espresso Martini but nothing like an Irish Coffee.

It’s got two kinds of liqueurs so it’s not light by any means, but yes if you like a little extra kick you can add whiskey or rum. Add vodka and it changes to a Roasted Toasted Almond.

The Kahlua can also be replaced with Bailey’s if you so fancy (buuuuut Kahlua has a higher ABV), the only thing you cannot miss is the Amaretto, after all, it is the stronger liqueur in the recipe. Vegan friends, if you want to try it with almond milk you must let us know how it tastes. 

A Brief History:



We couldn’t find much on the history of the Toasted Almond itself, because we covered the history of Amaretto Monday, we’re skipping this part. Think of it as class being cancelled. 

Random Fact:

Amaretto is not just popularly used in desserts like macarons, it’s also popularly used to cook fish and vegetables.

The almond flour in macarons contains Orgeat syrup, when Orgeat syrup can’t be found, Amaretto steps in.

We know, today was a short one! But we hope that you enjoy learning how to make these recipes and fun variations. Let us know in the comments what milk or cream you used and if you enjoyed it with or without an additional spirit. Thanks for reading, and as always…

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