Sex On The Beach


If you’re into fruity, easy to drink and make cocktails, then this is the drink for you. This name is often what either kills or makes the vibe for the people ordering this drink, but Sex on the Beach is so much more and it proudly deserves more than a giggle when you order it at any bar. Packed with vitamin C, this is the kind of drink that you have to try, at least once.

This drink is one of the favorites during the summer because of its fruity nature and exquisitely, refreshing color. Imagine a tequila sunrise without any of high fructose syrup from the grenadine. Sex on the Beach is certainly a lot healthier, plus it has vodka so that’s like 0 calories.

It’s also so simple to make, and this is because there is no fancy techniques or ingredients involved in the process.

Get some natural orange juice and dose the cranberry to your liking, that can make it quite bitter.

You’ll find it among the list of those drinks that you’ll find at a tiki bar on a beach somewhere or at the cooler at the pool party due to the simplistic nature of it’s recipe. The ingredients have never been the problem with this drink, it’s all in the name...

One tip, don’t drink it after brushing your teeth.

A brief history:

The first thing everybody knows about the origins of this drink is it was born in Florida (not that surprising, huh?) in 1987. According to bartender lore, the cocktail was invented by a bartender named Ted who was working at Confetti’s Bar. Which just sounds like the perfect douchebag fairytale beginning. Ted, was a total bro, with little to no imagination and a $100 prize with his name on it.

He was inspired by a promotion from a peach schnapps company to sell the most of this spirit the big prize was just $100. Inspired by other sexually deviant drinks such as the Fuzzy Navel plus we assume, feeling all kinds of brilliant- he invented a cocktail featuring it. It came to him like all creative ideas come to simple men by what’s immediately around him.

All he really did was mix a Fuzzy Navel with a Cape Cod, looked around his beach bar in Ft. Lauderdale and a lightbulb went off. He dubbed it, “Sex on the Beach” because he assumed “sex” and “the beach” were the two main reasons why spring breakers visited the state. And bada-bing-bada-boom there you have it.

The New York Post gives the distillers of schnapps most of the credit for the initiation of these drink names it was very important selling point of drinks who are made of sweetness, a ton of juice and not a lot of thought. The names were part of the MTV generation of glorifying badass babes like Madonna and Samantha Fox, owning their sex lives and not apologizing for it. These chicks didn’t giggle when ordering a Sex on the Beach they looked at you dead in the eye.

There are many theories around the origin of this drink, but this is the most popular and most prevalent. It's all on the cocktail’s very own domain-, which is also not surprising.

Random Fact:

Many people actually say that Sex on the Beach was actually named that as a joke, and that the bartender who created it never intended for it to stick. He only wanted the kids on spring break to remember it.

Whether you want to make a bartender uncomfortable, or you just want to enjoy a fruity drink, this is the perfect start to a lovely happy hour or just a hang out with some friends. Either way this is one of the ultimate favorite summer drinks in America, and continues to grow in popularity as more people keep talking and creating their own original concoctions.

Let us know what you thought of the drink! Send us a picture of you holding this drink, preferably at the beach, and don’t be afraid to experiment with it in order to make it your own. After all, that is how all drinks are created, someone has to be brave enough to try something new.

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