Happy Hour City. Picture Credit: Flickr

Happy Hour City. Picture Credit: Flickr

There are few cocktails that have stood the test of time as well as our Drink of the Week, the Manhattan. This whiskey cocktail has been and will remain a mainstay in cocktail world.

Its simplicity allows the whiskey to show its flavors off while holding a nice smooth balance with a touch of sweet. 

Though originally a Manhattan called for rye whiskey, nowadays bourbon, Canadian whisky, blends, and Tennessee whiskey are commonly used as well.

Definitely not a cocktail for beginner drinkers, but one that you work your way up to as your palate advances and gets more refined.

A brief history:

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

Picture Credit: Wikipedia

As for the origin of the Manhattan, there are two well known stories.

The first, states it was invented in the early 1870s at the Manhattan Club in New York, which they caim in their official history.

According to this story, it was created for a party hosted by Jennie Jerome (Lady Randolph Churchill), the mother of Winston Churchill.

However, this does not seem likely due to Lady Randolph being pregnant and not in the United States at the time the party supposedly happened.

The second believed origin is based off a story written decades after the Manhattan was known cocktail by William F. Mulhall. In it, Mulhall credits a man named Black for the creation of the cocktail.

There are no solid facts on who the creator of the drink really is, just stories and ideas passed down.

One thing we do know to be true, the Manhattan cocktail has been around since at least since the 1880s.


Random Fact

A Manhattan should always be stirred, never shaken.

For those looking for a stepping stone into drinking whiskey neat or on the rocks, a Manhattan is a nice introduction to the complex flavors of whiskey. Thanks for reading and as always...

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