Photo by: Friday Cocktail Hour

Photo by: Friday Cocktail Hour

One part vodka and four parts grapefruit juice, the Greyhound is like the grown up Screwdriver. Simple, but not too overly sweet. While still retaining some vitamin c, this drink is simple enough to make batches of, hint of the garnish gives it a perfect twist and because we love to give you good ideas, using a tiny bit of sparkling water it can transform into a summer spritz of sorts.


There are many variations for this drink. Some substitute the vodka for gin and some even call for a little bit of campari as well. Some add simple syrup to add a little more sweetness.

It is definitely a girly drink but way better than a Screwdriver in our humble opinion.

Colorwise it’s extremely unexpected, especially since it makes you think of the color “gray.”

But this drink is actually quite colorful, it resembles a beautiful sunrise with orange and peachy hues. It’s such a pretty drink, it’s perfect for a reception or just a home party.

A Brief History:


Greyhounds are so simple, how could they have any history? Grapefruits were a man made invention. Vodka isn’t what usually goes in a highball cocktail. So where did these two ingredients meet?

The history isn’t too clear but the first mention of it was back in the 1930s, in a book by a famous London bartender, who made his way to the U.S. Mr. Harry Caddock, who worked at the infamous London Hotel at the Savoy.

He lived in the US happily but when the prohibition era began, Harry returned to his home in England and began to run The Savoy bar where he created many different cocktails, which may have included the Greyhound.

It was originally made with gin due to it’s rising popularity in America thanks to prohibition. Vodka wasn’t popular in the US until after WWII.


Random Fact:

A grapefruit is a cross between a sweet orange and another citrus fruit called the pomelo or shaddock.

This drink is very commonly served at weddings and bridal showers, because of its feminine color and exquisite taste, but these days it’s usually made with vodka instead of gin. Just like a greyhound itself, this article was a bit more brief than usual, but sadly there’s not a lot of backstory or information on it as of now. However, we hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you were able to learn some new things about the greyhound cocktail.

Let us know what you thought of the drink and which variation is your favorite, or better yet, make up your own! Send us a picture of you holding this drink and tag us on it! Have a lovely Thanksgiving everybody!

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