Happy Hour City. Picture Credit:

Happy Hour City. Picture Credit:

This week’s Drink of the Week is a sipping cocktail known to inspire Mad Men era (the 1960’s) sophistication, The Gimlet. 

Classically made with gin, but like the martini, the vodka variation of the Gimlet is the modern favorite. No matter your preference of gin or vodka, this cocktail is strong, crisp, and not overly sour thanks to the lime cordial. 

What is lime cordial, you ask? It is, concentrated lime juice mixed with water and sugar. Rose’s Lime Cordial is the most famous commonly used lime cordial in the making of a Gimlet. 

For those with no lime cordial on hand, you can substitute it for fresh lime juice and simple syrup to your liking. The Gimlet is a simple cocktail that strikes a nice kick. Be sure to enjoy it the way Don Draper took it, “simple but significant.” 

A Brief History:

Picture Credit: The Spruce

Picture Credit: The Spruce

The history of the Gimlet is as choppy as the seas it is said to be created on.

One of the leading stories on how the Gimlet received its name states a British Royal Navy Surgeon, Rear-Admiral Sir Thomas Gimelette, added lime cordial to gin as a preventative measure against scurvy.

Why would lime cordial help? Well, scurvy is a disease that happens when the body lacks sufficient vitamin C. The citrus in the lime cordial would help keep vitamin C levels up for the sailors. 

Another leading story, states the cocktail derived its name from a hand tool also by the name of Gimlet. The hand tool was used to drill small holes into barrels of spirits (liquor) on Navy Ships.

Whether which one is true or if either is true, the Gimlet does have a long history of being drunk on the Seven Seas.

Random Fact

One of the first cocktails seen in the television show "Mad Men" is a Gimlet ordered by character Betty Draper while having dinner with her husband Don Draper in season one of the hit TV series.

The Gimlet is a drink for the Mad Men because it is simply for the Mad about working or Mad about life. Both of those sound like sailors and businessmen to us. If you're a fan of the simplicity of the drink, order it and take everyone by surprise. Thanks for reading and as always...

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