Death In The Afternoon



Thanks for popping in, let’s get down to it for our drink of the week, the “Death in the Afternoon.” A drink created by Ernest Hemmingway and also named after one of his books. 



It’s simple. It ’s just a shot of absinthe topped with champagne in a flute or a coupe glass. How to drink? Steel your resolve, tip it back, shudder a couple times, and blame yourself later.

Why the harsh judgment? Well, because of absinthe anything. What’s absinthe you might ask? Luckily for you, we just posted about absinthe on this week's What Is!

 If you don’t know about champagne we got you covered with a few wine articles back in our June post's. 

A few clicks is all you need to fill yourself in. We got you. If you already know what’s up go grab a quick drink while the others click away. 

A Brief History:



Ernest Hemingway is, to some, like John Wayne, Metallica and some crazy drunk (as well as some really good author) all rolled into one person. He’s also the reason this drink has a name instead of just being a regular Frankenstein drink “that bartenders know.”

The name is based on a novel he wrote, called “Sunday Fun-day.” ...Just kidding, the novel is the same name as the drink. Just makes you shudder to think what “Sunday fun-day” would look like with a bunch of these.

It is claimed that the cocktail was invented by Hemingway after he spent time in the Left Bank, Paris, and enjoyed the absinthe there.

The original printed recipe for the drink is famous for a great Hemmingway line “Pour one jigger absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly". 

No seriously, it’s like the most famous thing about this drink, look it up. Hemingway was going for it apparently, this drink is no joke.

This drink is also popular on Halloween due to its color. Cloudy green. With the right garnish, it looks downright scary. Actually, it’s terrifying even without the garnish!

Random Fact:

Hemingway had many favorite cocktails like the Hemingway Daiquiri which is recognized as an official cocktail by the IBA.

Extra Fun Fact: 

Do not drink this drink unless you want to forget that you drank this drink. Not a fact but you won’t remember facts soooo...

Ernest Hemingway’s sadism aside, this sounds like a fun drink to try. ONCE. Please for the love of god do not follow his directions and drink five in a sitting.

If you do please let us know in the comments which stratosphere to find you in, or how rough your next morning was after you landed.

Please drink responsibly. By which we mean never these. Ever. Thanks for reading and as always...

Cheers from,

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