Dark And Stormy

Graphic: HHC/Picture Credit: Today

Graphic: HHC/Picture Credit: Today

Hold onto your seats everyone! We’re crossing the Bermuda Triangle into this week’s Drink of the Week, the Dark & Stormy.

This cocktail features dark rum and ginger beer. The rum gives the Dark & Stormy a sweet, smooth base while the ginger beer cuts through with its bite creating a light refreshing drink.

A Brief History:

The Dark & Stormy was invented in the shipwreck capital of the world, Bermuda. The cocktail is actually protected by a trademark issued to Gosling's rum, the ingredients are also protected by law. 

This means that the Dark n' Stormy is a cocktail the Gosling family is seriously proud of, and with reason. Story goes that in the year 1806, the Mercury, an English clipper boat led by James Gosling managed to avoid the life threatening coral reef that has caused so many other's death. James and his crew were able to steer the ship onto Bermuda's shores after 91 days at sea.

After settling down in Bermuda, the Goslings were there to stay, and after getting into the rum production business in 1857, they became one of the most prominent families on the island. Ginger beer, another favorite drink of the British, was also produced on the island.

Here, it is understandable how the cocktail’s ingredients came together in this wonderful marriage. It didn’t take long for those on the island to pair them together. And so was born the Dark n' Stormy.

To anyone in the boating world, this drink is a staple, a sailor's favorite, and to modify it with any other ingredient than a Gosling produced beverage is blasphemy and it might even bring a lawsuit about.


Random Fact

To legally go by the name Dark ‘n Stormy or a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, the cocktail must be made with Gosling’s Black Seal rum. Gosling’s has trademarked both versions of the name with their recipe.  

It’s great to sip on at the beach or when you’re dreaming of tropical vacations. Try one out and let us know if it evokes feelings of relaxation or bad spring break memories.

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