National Cognac Day

Ah, summertime. Perfect for beach volleyball, backyard cookouts and...Cognac? “Isn’t that a winter drink?” You might ask. It can be, absolutely, but it's holiday is today! There are a few things to catch up on with cognac before we tell you about the holiday.

Cognac is made by dozens of producers or”Cognac Houses.” The four largest are Hennessy, Rémy Martin, Martell, and Courvoisier; with Hennessy being the largest. Considering those four houses produce 90% of the market share worldwide we think they deserve a holiday! Thanks, guys now take a day off, sheesh. 

A Brief History:

Thank the Dutch. Not a sentence one usually hears but let’s thank them nonetheless. Cognac was born when Dutch sea traders, who at one point put the British Navy to shame, found wines spoiling on their long voyages. After distilling a wine for shipping, and storing it in the oak barrels they had handy, they found not only did the spirit survive the trip but it was better than when they left. We have lots of holidays way more silly than “the wine got better.”

Not much info is out there about national cognac day other than it’s June 4th and isn’t very old. This is its 3rd year running. There’s much speculation that it’s just a clever marketing ploy. But who cares? A sidecar is life changing and everyone should celebrate the spirit involved. 

The process for making Cognac is strictly regulated by The Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac (or the BNIC for you acronym lovers.) In order to be called Cognac, specific distillation and aging methods must be followed in the production of Cognac. The spirit must be distilled from grapes grown in Cognac region. 

The strict regulation of the production of Cognac from the BNIC (or The Bureau...oh forget it) and the skill and dedication of its producers ensure that Cognac remains the premier brandy in the world. 

There is an apt old cliche: All Cognacs are brandy but not all brandies are Cognac. Just like when we talked about Lagers and Pilsners in previous articles. Squares and rectangles people.

Random Coganc Fact:

The most expensive bottling of cognac in the world, Henri IV Dudognon Heritage Cognac Grande Champagne, sells for $2 Million a bottle.

Wondering how to enjoy the holiday? A cognac in a tulip glass straight up sounds weird for summer but it’s not! Cognac is best enjoyed warm according to experts. Don’t like the idea? Try a mixed drink with Cognac like a Sidecar or French Connection.

However, you have it keep us posted in the comments so we can try a cognac your way. We like all the recipes and all the reasons to drink cognac. Thanks for reading and as always...

Cheers from,

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