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The Queensberry

Social Hour: 4.8/5

Overall: 4.9/5

There’s so much new in DTLA it’s hard to think of bars or themes that are missing, there’s a little bit of everything except… A cool underground lounge with a Social Hour menu that’ll make you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club somewhere in London. The Queensberry has been taking the DTLA scene by storm and we think it has something to do with whiskey and a dance floor. We got to experience the allure first hand and let us tell you, you want to be in this club. Cheers!

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Happy Hour Score: 4.8/5

Overall Score: 4.8/5

We were called west to Santa Monica in honor of Massilia’s Happy Hour! A French, Italian, Morocco restaurant with a hint of California is now our favorite place to go for those summer vibes all LA looks for. Massilia has a very special, well-rounded Happy Hour menu that truly offers something for everyone. But it’s their elevated ambiance that will keep you there long after Happy Hour ends. Check out more of our review, cheers!

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Overall Score 4.9/5

Happy Hour Score 4.9/5

From the Indonesian culture to the cuisine, from beginning to end, from drinks to dishes everything about Kasih’s Happy Hour menu was consistently good. Read all about how their food will immerse you in South East Asian delicacy and why their drinks will transport you right to Bali. Cheers!

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Songbird Cafe

Overall Score: 4.6/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.8/5

Chinatown is changing the landscape for the food scene in DTLA, but it’s time to introduce the neighborhood to the blooming drink scene there as well. At the forefront of the latest bar buzz is Songbird Cafe, a speakeasy that recently opened up with a killer team behind the bar program. It’s no surprise their Social Hour menu is here to revolutionize, and in this case, it’s classic cocktails. Read all about why this is the best place to discover/rediscover the simple beauty behind the classics, which one impressed us the most, and more. Cheers!

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Overall Score: 4.7/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.9/5

South Park residents have been keeping their Happy Hour hidden gem to themselves for too long. Juggling between being a coffee shop, cocktail bar, and restaurant every day is something Barcito does exceptionally well. As a true Argentinean bistro would, they offer one of the most well rounded Happy Hour menus we have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Find out why Barcito stands out from the crowd, just how authentic it is, and what made Mariana feel right at home before she even sat down. Cheers!

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Bar Franca

Overall: 4.5/5

Happy Hour: 4.6/5

What’s cheeky, sexy, and a garnish in almost every cocktail? Hint: It’s a cherry. That’s the sign you gotta look for when wandering around the Historic Core in DTLA and if you’re not looking for this hidden gem you might miss it. Bar Franca may only be 5 months old, but the drinks have been a favorite of locals and those in the industry since day one. So when it was made known that their Happy Hour was debuting, we had to visit. Check out what we drank at our new favorite local joint where the only theme is - quality. Cheers!

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Imperial Western Beer Company

Happy Hour Score: 4/5

Overall Score: 4.4/5

The Harvey House was a historic point in Union Station’s history, so it is admirable how much the team of Imperial Western Beer has cared for the overall function of the place and how well decorated it is. They’ve been on the cover of LA Weekly and on the mouth of every major publisher in the state for a reason. They’re here for quality beer, good times, and to bring people back to Union Station with their Happy Hour. Check out what we ordered and a backstage look of their brewery when we visited. Cheers!

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The Burrow

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.5/5

When a bar makes a lot of noise we have to listen- The Burrow is DTLA’s newest underground joint that will have you wishing you could stay down in their basement all of December. The new, cozy, and friendly staff will draw you in but their shareable plates and cocktails for Happy Hour will keep you there. Check out everything we ordered, how many sandwiches we tried, and the first Manhattan Mariana has swooned over. Cheers!

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ReviewHappy Hour CityComment
Las Perlas

Overall Score: 4.3/5

Happy Hour Score: 3.8/5

Las Perlas proudly reps being the first bar in the country to dedicate itself to agave spirits. They’ve been a part of DTLA for a while and have grown dear to most, if not all, locals with their friendly staff and no bullshit menu. It’s either mezcal or tequila at this joint and for Happy Hour so you know we had to check it out. Cheers!

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Beer, ReviewHappy Hour City

Happy Hour: 4.8/5

Overall Experience: 4.9/5

Hock+Hoof’s concept is already incredibly unique, the fact that they keep things moving with constantly changing their Happy Hour shows versatility and diversity, which are what the two creators and chefs were going for. The quality of ingredients is true throughout and what they’re doing with soju is the stuff of magic.

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ReviewHappy Hour City

Overall Score: 4/5

Happy Hour Score: 3.5/5

We wondered over an area of South Park that currently isn’t getting a lot of foot traffic due to construction. That’s when we found BKLA, a bar and restaurant tending to the guests of the O Hotel and locals alike. Their daily Happy Hour menu caught out eye but it was the customer service that kept us there. Check out what we ordered and what we thought- cheers!

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ReviewHappy Hour City
Clayton's Public House

Overall Score: 4.8

Happy Hour Score: 4.7

Clayton’s Public House has had a long awaited opening from DTLA locals and visitors. The newest neighborhood bar is definitely worth the visit! Locals will find comfort in the familiar faces employed by the charismatic owners Tony and June. Visitors will be captivated by the interior decor and overall theme of the place, but the Happy Hour deals are the sweet spot for all crowds. See what we ordered, what we drank, and how much we enjoyed ourselves. Cheers!

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