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What is Calvados?

Happy Monday! Today, we’re revisiting France, a country we talk about often but this time we’re in the region of Normandy! Believe it or not, Normandy is the birthplace of France’s national spirit- Calvados, a popular Brandy made from apples. Find out all about this long-forgotten spirit, how it survived D-Day, and why it takes so long to make. Cheers to learning!

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What is Lambanog?

Happy Monday! Today, we’re taking you to the Philippines (just kidding but wouldn’t that be nice?) we’re discussing all about their national spirit Lambanog. This strong and powerful coconut liquor/toddy wine/arrack is the life of the party in many South Asian cultures. More commonly seen in Paradisiac culture this island liquor is the life of any party in South East Asia . Let’s dive into what makes Lambanog so amazing, Cheers!

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What is Seco?

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, we’re exploring the region of Panama, their national liquor there is Seco, and it can be used in a variety of different ways to make cocktails to meet just about every taste preference. So how did Panama nail versatility and keep it all to themselves this whole time? We dug up the story and much more. Cheers to learning!

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What is Feni?

Happy Monday! Today, we’re taking you deep into Southeast Asia, to the state of Goa in India, where the country’s national liquor is made- Feni. Today, Feni’s 400 year history makes it a national treasure plus it’s still a favorite Goan staple for delicious cocktails and an important contributor to India’s most valued export. Come on a journey to Goa with us and learn about what makes Feni so deliciously unique! Cheers to learning!

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What is Guaro?

The Pura Vida lifestyle is the motto of the summer for the 1.7 million tourists and the local Ticos of Costa Rica. Their national spirit, Guaro, plays a big role in that. Learn all about the sugarcane liquor that took over the country from its humble kitchen beginnings to the number one selling spirit from FANAL and why you won’t see it in the U.S. anytime soon. Cheers to learning!

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What is Cachaça?

South America is known for having some of the strongest national spirits in the world- from Pisco to Aguardiente, Latinos clearly don’t play around when it comes to their pride nor their liquor. However, the biggest country in South America isn’t Latino at all, it’s Portuguese and we think you know where this is going… Straight to Brazil. Today, we’re digging into one of the most under looked spirits in the U.S. Cachaça. Cheers to learning!

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What is Jenever?

Welcome to another Monday lesson! This week, we’re going Dutch and no we don’t mean on a date. Jenver is the official liquor of The Netherlands and Belgium, so why haven’t you heard of it? Well, it’s got a rival cousin that kind of stole the spotlight, the story is fascinating, cheers to learning!

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What is Aguardiente?

Unless you’ve been backpacking through South America you may have never heard of Aguardiente. Lucky for you, we’re liquor nerds (plus, Mariana is Colombian) so we studied up on the sugarcane liquor that rules Colombia and a few other countries. Who knew they were brewing more than coffee down there?! Cheers to learning!

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What is Armagnac?

Looking for the perfect after meal sipper? Not quite a digestif but something you can still enjoy with your dessert or beside your coffee? Something classy, because let’s face it, it’s almost 2019 and maybe you’re looking for alternatives to your normal routine. Well, come learn all about the oldest spirit from France, Armagnac. Cheers to learning!

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