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The Flying Scotsman

When a cocktail marks a time in history, you know it is truly special, and for this week’s Drink of the Week we’re visiting a country with tons of special- Scotland! The Flying Scotsman is world-renowned for being named after a train and is still a staple of traveling today! Check out how to make it the right way, why it was enjoyed on both ground and air, and how you can still experience it today. Cheers!

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Happy Wednesday! Today, we are exploring the bigger, sprtizier, taller cousing of the classic- Negroni. We’re talking about the Americano cocktail that managed to make a classic recipe itself- the bitter without the bitters, a unique take on a classic hit that even 007 couldn’t resist. Learn all about it now and cheers to learning!

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Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to go on a Safari happy hour? Buckle in because for this week’s Drink of the Week we’re taking you to Kenya where after admiring gorgeous animals in the heat for a while you wind down with The Dawa. A cocktail that is both for fun and fun for your health. Intrigued yet? Keep reading to find out about this magic potion and what country inspired it. Cheers!

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Espresso Martini

Combining coffee with liquor may make your 9-5 hell, but when it is done right, magic happens and history is made. The Espresso Martini holds an important place in coffee and martini culture and today we’re also celebrating National Martini Day! Celebrate with us by learning how to make it, who made it, and why it wasn’t called an Espresso Martini right away. Cheers!

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Gin Fizz

Happy Wednesday! We’re diving into a very classic cocktail this week, the most popular from the “Fizz” family, the traditional Gin Fizz. With so many variations, the original recipe has changed in the last 100 years, and today it is completely customizable. We did some digging and found the best versions, who might have invented it, and how even gin haters will be able to enjoy this spirit forward cocktail. Cheers!

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Aperol Spritz

Welcome! After a very much needed Spring Break vacation, we are baaaaack, and feeling more refreshed than ever! What a better way to start fresh than with an incredibly refreshing drink that’s EVERYWHERE right now- Aperol Spritz. We explored why and how this Italian liqueur skyrocketed to fame, how it made its way into the "Spritz" category, and why it won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Learn how to properly make one and much more inside, cheers!

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When a drink makes a mark as a national beverage, it deserves a spotlight, and for a country the size of Brazil that’s quite an accomplishment. The Caipirinha is a simple, yet historic cocktail that came to the Americas and left a lasting impression in the heart of millions of Brazilian people. If you have never had it, this is your chance to learn how to make it, how to say it, and what the heck it means. Cheers!

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Blood and Sand

Don’t let the name scare you, this week’s Drink of the Week does not taste like blood and it doesn’t feel like sand going down your throat. This long-forgotten Scotch cocktail has been in the history books for nearly a century, so why have you never heard of it? We dug into that, plus found out where the name came from, and a little tip to make the recipe well worth your while. Cheers!

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Rose Water Gin & Tonic

Flowers and cocktails are no strangers to each other, gardens and refreshments go together hand in hand. Flowers, the edible ones, also make quite the beautiful garnishes, so why wouldn’t we use them in recipes? Rose Water is nothing new in skin care, and it hasn’t been a booming trend (we see you lavender) but it is around. For Valentine’s Day tomorrow, here’s a cute little pink cocktail for all you lovers out there. Cheers!

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The end of January is here! We’re ready to treat ourselves to a dessert cocktail. Don’t worry, this Drink of the Week is actually as healthy as it gets in terms of ingredients and citrus deliciousness. We’re speaking Italian this week and making Sgroppino. Cheers!

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Bar Franca

Happy Hour: 4.6/5

Overall: 4.5/5

What’s cheeky, sexy, and a garnish in almost every cocktail? Hint: It’s a cherry. That’s the sign you gotta look for when wandering around the Historic Core in DTLA and if you’re not looking for this hidden gem you might miss it. Bar Franca may only be 5 months old, but the drinks have been a favorite of locals and those in the industry since day one. So when it was made known that their Happy Hour was debuting, we had to visit. Check out what we drank at our new favorite local joint where the only theme is - quality. Cheers!

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