National Bubbly Day

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Grab a glass! Champagne, Prosecco, Sparkling Rose...doesn’t matter which as long as it’s got BUBBLES! It’s what today's celebration happens to be all about-THE BUBBLES! We loved the soapy kind as kids so it makes sense we love them in adult beverages as adults! So let’s toast a glass of bubbly like the ball just dropped and tell you a bit about this fizzy holiday.

A Brief History:


As we noted in our What Is Bubbly article, different areas of the world create their own special brand of bubbly according to strict methods and select grapes which produce a sparkling wine unique to each region. National Bubbly Day was started by the makers of Freixenet Cava to celebrate all the bubbles from all the places.A brand new holiday, Freixenet Cava started the festivities just only last year in 2017. 

After registering with the National Day registrar, Freixenet Cava, known for its iconic black bottle, set out to create a special bubbly holiday dedicated exclusively to the most festive celebratory libation. Freixenet chose the name “National Bubbly Day,” not just to encompass sparkling wine, but to also celebrate the beginning of summer and activities that make people feel the bubbliest. Like graduations and pool parties. 

Produced in the rolling hills of Spain, Cava fills a glass with bright citrus and fruit notes. Protected in Spain, this bubbly must meet stringent requirements to earn the name Cava. Using only the “Traditional Method” which requires a second fermentation in the bottle (just like we said about Champagne)


Random Fact:


The longest recorded flight of a popped sparkling wine cork flew 177 feet and 9 inches. “You’ll put your eye out!”

Whether you spend the day by the pool, host a movie night at home, or go for a night out with friends, Freixenet hopes people will gather together and celebrate and so do we.

Pop the cork on a bottle of bubbly and celebrate by sharing a toast among friends! Use #NationalBubblyDay to share on social media and let us know in the comments what kind of bottles you were popping. We’ll be floating along in the effervescence right there with you. Thanks for reading and as always.

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