Christina Ray

March's Bartender of the Month:

Christina Ray

Pourer of drinks at The Slipper Clutch.

351 S Broadway - DTLA.

Meet Christina:

Our current favorite bartender.

One of DTLA's best bars is an arcade bar, The Slipper Clutch! Known best for serving up highballs and being a hidden gem (its main entrance is through Bar Clacson.) The hype on social media was about pinball machines, the dark setting, the music, and the drinks. However, the real MVP for us was the bartender service. For a place with such an intimate setting, it can get pretty busy, and that's how we met Christina. Unfortunately, it wasn't during Happy Hour, because The Slipper Clutch doesn't have one, but the service we received from Christina was enough to leave us happily impressed.

The Slipper Clutch's highballs from the soda gun are their staple thing, so that leaves Christina with plenty of time to entertain and make sure everything is running smoothly. She's a pro at greeting everyone who walks through the door, if you grab a seat at the bar you'll enjoy a conversation with her, and she is in charge of the tunes.

The music sets the scene at The Slipper Clutch, it's usually anything from classic to heavy metal rock, all thanks to her playlist. You can just tell when you walk in, the girl's got a handle on things and she is doing it with style. Also, she can probably drink anyone under the table if there's mezcal involved, given our love for mezcal & strong women, this month's honor is hers. 

Our One on One with Christina:

We got to sit down with Christina over highballs and shots of mezcal. She let us in on her story, how she got to meet the 213 group, and why she loves the regulars at The Slipper Clutch.



HHC: Where were you born? 

CR: Portland, Oregon

HHC: Where do you currently reside? 

CR: Hollywood, Los Angeles

HHC: How long have you been a bartender? 

CR: On and off the past 5 years, in between freelance work.

HHC: When did you know you wanted to be a bartender? 

CR: I started working on the industry while in Art school to help pay bills, but found way more than just a paycheck. 



HHC: What’s your favorite drink to make?

CR: I’ve been told I make the best blue Hawaiian in Los Angeles.

HHC: What’s your favorite drink to drink?

CR: It all depends on context, I tend to drink whatever a place does best, but if I see a weeded bartender I’ll just have a shot of mezcal and a beer.

HHC: What is a must have at every bar you go to/work at? 

CR: Offerings worth getting excited about. The best part of being behind the bar is getting to share things with guests that might get them out of their comfort zone.

HHC: What is your favorite type of bar? Why? 

CR: Dive bar. They’re dark, they’re loud, and the drinks are strong. 



HHC: Where is your favorite bar? Why? 

CR: Drawing Room, no explanation needed.

HHC: What kind of typical bar regular do you like? 

CR: The best kind of regular is the kind that has a blast and then comes back the next day with their friends, especially in a newer bar like The Slipper Clutch. 

HHC: How did you end up working where you are now? 

CR: I met the team that opened The Slipper Clutch just over ago through connections I had made while living and working in New York.

HHC: Have you ever invented any drinks? 

CR: I always like to play around with what’s available.  



HHC: Who was/is your mentor/idol if you had one?

CR: David Bowie

HHC: Where do you go for Happy Hour? 

CR: It’s a rare occasion, but whenever I get the chance, I head over to Bernadette’s for a glass of Lambrusco before a shift.

HHC: What’s one thing you think it takes to be a good bartender? 

CR: Being able to gauge what kind of experience your guests want to have. Some people just want to be left alone and some want to turn the party up to 11.

HHC: What’s the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the job? 

CR: If I answered this I think it would violate the bartender/customer confidentiality agreement.

The Slipper Clutch

Open Everyday:

8:00 PM-2:00 AM

351 S Broadway

We'd like to thank Christina and The Slipper Clutch for letting us interview, film, and shoot Christina at work. Go visit her for highballs and pinball at The Slipper Clutch.

Thanks for reading and as always...

Cheers from,

Happy Hour City