National Beer Day

During the month of April Happy Hour City will be celebrating all things beer related. Each week we will educate you on the different types of beer, we will also show you how to make beer centered cocktails/drinks, and we will be giving you the inside scoop on some of the best beer bars & breweries around LA. 



We dedicated April to all things beer for a reason, today is National Beer Day in the U.S., but we think it deserved an entire month. We began teaching you the basics with What Is A Lager, and next week the educational articles will continue, but for now- we toast.

And we have a reason to! Breweries are a booming business in 2018, the science of being able to provide the highest qualities beers has transformed into an art. From well developed plants that have a vast space for operations, to the humble beginnings of homebrewing from your own garage- beer has kind of turned into a culture revenue similar to coffee or wine. Some might even say, it has surpassed coffee, but we will leave that opinion in your hands.

National Beer Day is more than just another excuse (as if we needed it) to chug-a-lug multiple 16 oz glasses of fine ales. It’s about coming together and realizing that we are all indeed very lucky to have the right to do so. I think you all know, we are about to dive into a history lesson here, I have my 16 oz. ready, do you?

Beer 3-min.jpg

Beer has always been seen as an economical way to get drunk, before the days of subcategories within categories, going up to the bar and simply asking for a beer meant whatever is on the house- and that you were drinking on a budget.

However, the tasting pallet of generations since the early 2000s has developed, and we know better now, we have seen the other side. Not only have the flavors, process of development, and overall quality of beers, surpassed the past expectations, they have also opened up a whole new world of revenue to anyone involved. 

That’s right guys, beer is helping our economy, and we don’t think there’s any better feeling than drinking for a cause. Your drinking of beer is actually helping America grow financially, according to the Beer Institute, 2 million+ Americans are able to make a living thanks to beer.

When you think about it, beer provides a number of jobs ranging from farming grains and other ingredients, working in retail outlets that sell beer, to actually brewing beer, and so on. These businesses are racking up a total of $103 billion in wages and benefits every year. That’s not all, brewers, importers, and distributors in the business were able to catch up to $5.3 billion in federal and state excise taxes since 2016. 

This is all mostly due to the fact that the quality of beer has surpassed its own standards. Back in high school shotgunning a Keystone can of beer was the quickest way to get wasted, today it’s all about enjoying every sip, because craft beers now exist. As of 2014, The Brewers Association, which represents America’s craft beer movement, reported that there were 3,418 craft brewers in the U.S. (+20% from 3013). Just last year in 2017, craft beer production rose 42%, and for the first time ever, craft brews accounted for more than 10% of all beer sales in America.

You might find this shocking considering how many people are making great beer straight out of their homes, no joke. According to, The American Homebrewers Association, as of 2013 estimations showed there were 1.2 million homebrewers in the country, two-thirds of them began brewing in 2005 or later.

This also means that the beer giants we all were used to, are slowly becoming of lesser quality, they’re losing to the underdogs. In an act of desperation, the corporate beer giants have also been buying up craft beer labels and creating their own faux craft “crafty” brands to compete with the legions of small, independent brewers around the country. It’s not going so well for them by the way… 

A Brief History:

To explain to you the history of beer, we’d be sitting here a while, it’s just too long to put down in one article. All you have to know is What Is Beer and look out for our coming articles explaining each category and type. As for National Beer Day, the holiday itself, it has a history of its very own.

As we all know, Prohibition Era was a very dark time in America, followed by an even darker time- The Great Depression. A lot of people associate Prohibition with the restriction of liquor and other spirits, but beer was encompassed in the Volstead Act as well. In those times, people drank the hard stuff a lot more often, so beer is often forgotten. Prohibition lasted over a decade and it wasn’t as easy to repeal as you might think.

This law had to be taken apart bit-by-bit and the pioneer of this movement was the Cullen-–Harrison Act, signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The act, named after Senator Pat Harrison and Representative Thomas H. Cullen, legalized the sale of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% (by weight) and wine. Back then, they considered this low alcohol content to not be intoxicating whatsoever. The bill was signed in March but it did not become effective until April 7, 1933.

Witnesses from those times claim upon signing it, President Roosevelt famously remarked, “I think this would be a good time for a beer." How right you were Teddy, how right you were… Soon after the newspapers announced the happy news, huge groups of people flooded breweries and taverns all over the country. By the end of that glorious day, over 1.5 million gallons of beer ended up being sold. This marked the beginning of the end of Prohibition, so if you really think about it, if it wasn’t for beer liquor might have never been legal again.


Random Beer Fact:

The official holiday was created in 2009 by Justin Smith, a Richmond, Virginia Craft Beer Examiner, and his friend Mike Connolly from Liverpool, England.

We always encourage you to drink responsibly, however National Beer Day is like Christmas, meaning the holiday has its own precursor, New Beer’s Eve (April 6.) So, it’s okay if you start celebrating early.

If you don’t know how to celebrate, maybe because you drink beer everyday, we encourage you to visit any of the breweries within your neighborhood. Support a local homebrew, buy a six pack of beer you have never tried before, go out to a pub and enjoy the many specials available, whatever you do remember we want to know!

So tag us or follow us on Instagram, and if you live in LA stop at the annual LA Beer Festival! We hope you enjoy today, thanks for reading, and as always…

Cheers from,

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