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What is White Wine?

Our first lesson for our Wine month edition is in honor of the white wine grape, AKA the one that “doesn’t pair with steak.” Learn all about the first mentions of white wine in history, how the monks may be to thank for the continued production of it way back when, and are you afraid of wine? There’s a term for that. Cheers to learning!

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German Beer Day

Despite the fact we are celebrating ALL things beer this month, today is specifically dedicated to German Beers, but also the law that puts their quality in the top tier of brews. Find out all about this 1500’s law that is still in act today, how to celebrate, and where America ranks in the beer consumption list. Cheers!

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What is Moonshine?

It’s time to put on your learning caps boys and girls, it’s Monday again. Despite how old and not so popular it may be, Moonshine has a stronghold in the American history. We got down to basics and found out just what the heck Moonshine really is, how it’s made, and where you can find quality stuff today. Cheers to learning!

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What is Mezcal?

Happy Monday everyone! It's time to bust out your pen and paper to take notes, this time we are teaching you what you need to know about Mezcal. AKA Tequila's big brother, these two spirits are commonly mistaken, but we are here to clear things up. Read all about the fascinating history of Mezcal, how it is made, and why the heck does it have to include a worm? (P.S. It's not a worm.)

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