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Overall Score: 4/5

Happy Hour Score: 3.5/5

We wondered over an area of South Park that currently isn’t getting a lot of foot traffic due to construction. That’s when we found BKLA, a bar and restaurant tending to the guests of the O Hotel and locals alike. Their daily Happy Hour menu caught out eye but it was the customer service that kept us there. Check out what we ordered and what we thought- cheers!

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ReviewHappy Hour City
Elderflower Liqueur

Happy Monday, folks! We are continuing our exploration into the world of liqueurs. It’s a big world out there! Today’s topic covers the magical Elderflower liqueur, we discovered why and how it sounds like it came out of something from LOTR, who invented it and what are all the magical things in the world that you can do with this mythical flower! Cheers to learning!

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Krisi Jensen

Every month, we gather intel on the best Happy Hours in LA, but where would we be if not for the dedication of bartenders? August’s honor belongs to Krisi Jensen, a mixologist/sommelier extraordinaire that has been giving back to the DTLA community for nearly a decade, she’s currently to blame for Clayton’s Public House popularity. Get to know Krisi one on one like we did and learn all about how her creativity fit right into the Victorian theme at Clayton’s and how she has been involved in the creation of some of the most popular bars in LA, what she enjoys playing at bars, and her favorite type of guest.

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Toasted Almond

Happy Wednesday everyone! It’s time to put your cocktail mixing skills to the test! Given that we’ve learned all about Amaretto this week, it’s only fitting we give you a killer cocktail to go with it- the Toasted Almond. Learn all about how this stacks up to the similar milkshake cocktails around, why you can’t switch out the Amaretto, and as always, a recipe! Cheers!

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Clayton's Public House

Overall Score: 4.8

Happy Hour Score: 4.7

Clayton’s Public House has had a long awaited opening from DTLA locals and visitors. The newest neighborhood bar is definitely worth the visit! Locals will find comfort in the familiar faces employed by the charismatic owners Tony and June. Visitors will be captivated by the interior decor and overall theme of the place, but the Happy Hour deals are the sweet spot for all crowds. See what we ordered, what we drank, and how much we enjoyed ourselves. Cheers!

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