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The Aviary - NYC

New York City could easily be considered one of the most diverse, multicultural, thriving, metropolitan cities in the world. There’s too much going on but this last Thanksgiving, the Happy Hour City team decided to take a trip and visit one of the most creative cocktail menus the world has ever seen.

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Abroad, New YorkMariana Ramos
Mulled Cider

It’s finally getting chilly in California and with the holidays right around the corner, we figured we’d give you a recipe that is sure to help you get through it all whilst keeping it remotely healthy. Mulled Cider has been a staple of wintertime activities thanks to the scents the ingredients create, but you have to do it right. We’re teaching you exactly what to do, how to properly spike it, and a video of our attempt (which turned out pretty great.) Cheers!

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What is Kir?

If you’ve ever had proper hors-d'oeuvres at an aperitif hour or French dinner party- you’ve more than likely had no choice in the drink pairing. That drink is a Kir Royale and though you may have heard of it you’d be surprised to learn Kir has it’s very own fascinating story. We dove deep into this iconic wine-liqueur with Nazi resisting roots, cheers to learning!

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Mulled Wine

It’s that wonderful time of the year where holiday beverages are making splashes and a big way! Restaurants and bars are adapting to the December seasonal changes and are showcasing some classics! Today, we’re teaching you how to make Mulled Wine, all about where the wild idea of hot wine came from, and more. Cheers!

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What is Fernet?

Your favorite liquor cabinet stocks up on this infamous European liqueur but have you ever even tried it? It’s hard to spot but it’s used in a ton of cocktails but because its flavor is so palate smacking and robust, it’s usually used sparsely to highlight other flavors in the cocktail. Today we’re uncovering the mysterious Fernet. Cheers to learning!

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Rommel Del Crypt

Every month, we gather intel on the best Happy Hours in LA, but where would we be if not for the dedication of bartenders? November’s honor belongs to Rommel Del Crypt he’s serving up what can be considered the best damn Bloody Marys in town and managing the patio bar in the back of La Cita. Get to know Rommel one on one like we did and learn all about how his favorite places, who inspired him, and what he loves to drink when he’s not serving up Bandera shots. Cheers!

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The Burrow

Overall Score: 4.8/5

Happy Hour Score: 4.5/5

When a bar makes a lot of noise we have to listen- The Burrow is DTLA’s newest underground joint that will have you wishing you could stay down in their basement all of December. The new, cozy, and friendly staff will draw you in but their shareable plates and cocktails for Happy Hour will keep you there. Check out everything we ordered, how many sandwiches we tried, and the first Manhattan Mariana has swooned over. Cheers!

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What is Lillet?

It’s Monday! We’re breaking down another French libation with an incredible history. The infamous Lillet, that is sometimes hard to categorize. Is it wine or is it a liqueur? We dove into it’s past, found out how to make it, and why it differs from the competition. Cheers to learning!

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Happy Thanksgiving Eve y’all! While you’re at home with your family why not try out a new cocktail that’s super easy to make? Learn all about the Greyhound cocktail. Seemingly plain, this grapefruit-y concoction goes down smooth and will leave you wanting more. Plus, we include its history.

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What is Chartreuse?

The drink that inspired the color, this French liqueur is historically recognized for its appearance, sweet beginning, and sour ending. We dove deep into its history, how it gets the color, and what you can do with it as a cocktail. Cheers to learning!

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