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Celebrate National Bootlegger's Day

Today is a double holiday! We drank Templeton Rye while learning about it's Prohibition Era history, how they thought of the national holiday for Bootlegger's, and surprise! Today is also a famous bootleggin' mob boss's birthday! We also teach you how to make a proper Prohibition Era Cocktail. 

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Celebrate National Hot Buttered Rum Day

If you're feeling any of the winter season where you are, warm up next to a fire and enjoy this delicious seasonal cocktail. Want to know how to make it? We can teach you to make 4! Hot Buttered Rum has been around for a while and there's a reason early American colonists were such big fans. Celebrate with us!

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Score: 3.5/5

We visited the historic Cole’s in DTLA for their Happy Hour. They claim they invited the French dip, but which restaurant across town is claiming the same title? Read all about Cole’s 119-year-history, what we ordered at the bar, the plates we ate, and why wouldn’t bring a date here.  

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This week's official drink, picked by our experts, is a mysterious but classic Mexican cocktail. The Paloma has quickly become as popular as a Margarita, but why can't no one pinpoint who invented it? Our team did the research and what we found was muy interesante. The Paloma is on the rise, perhaps making history as we speak. 


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