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inko Nito

Overall Score- 4.8/5

Happy Hour Score- 4.9/5

It’s been a year and a half since London’s Inko Nito opened in the Arts District in DTLA and the Happy Hour menu might be their secret sauce to success. Covering everything from cocktails to sake, snacks to full entrees, this Japanese Robata restaurant is cooking with a lot of finesse and at a price, we couldn’t believe. Surrounded by what feels like a forest in Japan, this Arts District gem will have you coming back for dinner. Check out what we drank, what we ate, and what Mariana had to order twice over because it was so very good. Cheers!

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The Flying Scotsman

When a cocktail marks a time in history, you know it is truly special, and for this week’s Drink of the Week we’re visiting a country with tons of special- Scotland! The Flying Scotsman is world-renowned for being named after a train and is still a staple of traveling today! Check out how to make it the right way, why it was enjoyed on both ground and air, and how you can still experience it today. Cheers!

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What is Pálinka?

September is here and it’s back to school for us! Today, we’re taking you to a new country with a national spirit you surely have never had before- Pálinka! Born in Hungary, this centuries old brandy is the sweetest way to experience Hungarian culture. Plus, kind of easy to make safely at home, but why not learn about all of that before you cause a kitchen fire? Cheers to learning!

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Learning, EducateHappy Hour City

Happy Wednesday! Today, we are exploring the bigger, sprtizier, taller cousing of the classic- Negroni. We’re talking about the Americano cocktail that managed to make a classic recipe itself- the bitter without the bitters, a unique take on a classic hit that even 007 couldn’t resist. Learn all about it now and cheers to learning!

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What is Poitín?

Happy Monday! For today’s “What Is” we’re heading back to Ireland and exploring the famous Irish liquor, Poitín, AKA Poteen, AKA Irish Moonshine or Irish mezcal. This spirit has been around for so long it made it’s way to Irish folklore, but more importantly it was banned for over 300 years! We dove into the interesting story and culture behind this Irish secret, and we liked what we found. Cheers to learning!

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Happy Wednesday! Are you ready to go on a Safari happy hour? Buckle in because for this week’s Drink of the Week we’re taking you to Kenya where after admiring gorgeous animals in the heat for a while you wind down with The Dawa. A cocktail that is both for fun and fun for your health. Intrigued yet? Keep reading to find out about this magic potion and what country inspired it. Cheers!

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The Queensberry

Social Hour: 4.8/5

Overall: 4.9/5

There’s so much new in DTLA it’s hard to think of bars or themes that are missing, there’s a little bit of everything except… A cool underground lounge with a Social Hour menu that’ll make you feel like you’re part of an exclusive club somewhere in London. The Queensberry has been taking the DTLA scene by storm and we think it has something to do with whiskey and a dance floor. We got to experience the allure first hand and let us tell you, you want to be in this club. Cheers!

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What is Lambanog?

Happy Monday! Today, we’re taking you to the Philippines (just kidding but wouldn’t that be nice?) we’re discussing all about their national spirit Lambanog. This strong and powerful coconut liquor/toddy wine/arrack is the life of the party in many South Asian cultures. More commonly seen in Paradisiac culture this island liquor is the life of any party in South East Asia . Let’s dive into what makes Lambanog so amazing, Cheers!

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It’s time for another mid-week treat here at Happy Hour City! Today, we’re toasting with an Irish classic that constantly gets overlooked because of it’s relativity to the O.G. of classic cocktails- the Manhattan. Today, we’re exploring the Irish cousin of the family, the Emerald! So grab your glass and raise a toast to the Isles with this easy but spirit forward kick-in-the-ass cocktail your Wednesday needs. Cheers!

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What is Seco?

Happy Monday, everyone! Today, we’re exploring the region of Panama, their national liquor there is Seco, and it can be used in a variety of different ways to make cocktails to meet just about every taste preference. So how did Panama nail versatility and keep it all to themselves this whole time? We dug up the story and much more. Cheers to learning!

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Happy Hour: 4.8/5

Overall: 4.8/5

We were called west to Santa Monica in honor of Massilia’s Happy Hour! A French, Italian, Morocco restaurant with a hint of California is now our favorite place to go for those summer vibes all LA looks for. Massilia has a very special, well-rounded Happy Hour menu that truly offers something for everyone. But it’s their elevated ambiance that will keep you there long after Happy Hour ends. Check out more of our review, cheers!

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What is Feni?

Happy Monday! Today, we’re taking you deep into Southeast Asia, to the state of Goa in India, where the country’s national liquor is made- Feni. Today, Feni’s 400 year history makes it a national treasure plus it’s still a favorite Goan staple for delicious cocktails and an important contributor to India’s most valued export. Come on a journey to Goa with us and learn about what makes Feni so deliciously unique! Cheers to learning!

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