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Welcome to Happy Hour City,

where it’s always 5 o'clock.

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Our mission

We are the group of experts on all things Happy Hour. Our candid and in-depth platform informs and showcases the best Happy Hours offered in Los Angeles. We strive to make Happy Hour a lifestyle and a staple for the hospitality and service industries backed by our knowledge and strong relationships with patrons and businesses. 



Services Offered

Are you a company, residential building, or bar patron who wants to have a Happy Hour event?

Happy Hour City creates a Happy Hour experience tailor-made for you. From finding the right location to having the best drinks for all your guests, we take the stress out of setting up an event. Please contact us for rates. 

Are you a bar or restaurant interested in working with us?

EVENTS: Happy Hour City is always looking for new places to throw our Happy Hour events! Please send us an email and one of our experts will reach out to discuss setting one up.

CONSULTING: Is your Happy Hour lacking or nonexistent? Happy Hour City offers consultations. We can help revamp your menu or create one from scratch. Contact us for rates.

REVIEWS: Want to have your Happy Hour featured on The 5 O'Clock Blog? One of our experts would be happy to come do a review of your business! Shoot us an email and we'll stop on by.

Meet the EXPERTS



Alexandra (aka Alex), a San Fernando Valley native, has spent most her life trying to create the best environment for those around her. With Happy Hour City she is able to focus the skills she has picked up through life and in her 7 years of hospitality experience on generating a productive Happy Hour for everyone. She loves her spirits neat, but appreciates a well made cocktail and something to snack on. If you see her around at a Happy Hour, please go say hi to this social butterfly.



Mariana is a freelance creative who has more recently worked as a writer for multiple blogs. She’s been a part of the service industry for 10 years and now she aims to contribute to it by revolutionizing Happy Hours. As a DTLA local Mariana’s passion for her community fuels most of what she does for work and for recreation. Her Happy Hour favorites include but are not limited to: cocktails, atmospheres, and all things good food.


Rynn is a talented writer who has studied at various comedy theaters. More recently, Rynn has been working as a beertender since moving to LA a year ago. Her favorite Happy Hours usually consist of beer, more beer, and all things divey. Look for her near the stage if there is a show going on; good jams, good brews, and a good time is her preference. As the Editor in Chief, she is keen to put out the best content for our audience on The 5 O’Clock Blog. 


Xena is a dedicated college student who doubles as a hostess at a 1 Michelin Star rated restaurant in DTLA. Her career in the hospitality business has ignited a passion about all things wine and fine spirits. Her professional manners and expertise have allowed her to see the service industry in a whole new perspective. The beautiful city of Los Angeles has taught her all she knows about her favorite Happy Hour, fine dining, foods, and wine. She is super excited to share her knowledge with our audience.


Alicia moved from Northern California and has been living in DTLA for the past 3 years. While pursuing a career in property management and real estate, she has found love in all things downtown LA! The concept of Happy Hour City excited Alicia, especially the idea of a creative and interactive network of bars, restaurants and people alike! Although she is not much of a drinker, she knows a good Happy Hour food menu when she sees one.