Happy Hour in Washington DC

Happy Hours in Bethesda, MD

Downtown Bethesda features a multitude of establishments that offer evening entertainment. Visit these destinations that offer evening beverage specials and late-night events for an exciting night out in downtown Bethesda.

Rock Bottom Bethesda : Happy hour and a half


Pintastic Sundays: Same as Wednesday but all day long.

Drink Specials:

Mondays: $1 pints in bar only Tuesdays: $1 pints in bar only Wednesdays: Pint night. 1st pint for $4.95. $2 refills. Take home pint glass Thursdays: $15.50 pitchers of beer with $7 refills (whole place). Take the pitcher home with you. $1 pint at the bar




5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

7900 Norfolk Ave • Bethesda, MD • (301) 652-1311
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