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Happy Hour is a time where people mingle, do business meetings and have fun with their coworkers and friends and usually takes place on weekdays after work hours. Happy Hour is also a time to get plenty of food that is usually offered at a 50 percent discount at participating bars and restaurants. The most popular happy hours are those that offer a combination of drink and food specials as well as entertainment either in the form of a DJ, band, darts, juke box, karaoke, pool or special TV programs such as sports.

History of the Happy Hour

In the 1920s, "happy hour" was Navy slang for the scheduled period of entertainment on-ship. After the passage of the Volstead Act, civilians held "cocktail hours" at speakeasies, and in their own homes, to fortify themselves before dinner. Post-prohibition cocktail lounges continued the custom of pre-dinner cocktails. "Happy hour" became a common term around 1960; it appeared in a 1959 Saturday Evening Post article on military life. Owing its name to the word "happy" as meaning "slightly drunk," happy hour became known more as an after-work ritual, instead of a prelude to the evening. In the 1980s, bars offered complimentary hors d'oeuvres for happy hour, in response to the heightened enforcement of anti-drunk-driving laws.

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